June 2017 Income Report and Plans


This is my 28th income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help you figure out how you can make money online.

What I Did in June

I spent a lot of time reading, thinking, and writing in June.

However, it wasn’t all introspection and no action. I accomplished a lot of biz stuff also!

Online I:

Offline I:

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May 2017 Income Report Roundup

Can you really make money online even if you’re not in the “make money online by making money online” niche? (Sheesh, what a mouthful!)

I love income reports so I decided to read through the reports of bloggers from various niches and condense them all in this post for your reading pleasure.

My goal with this post is to show you that it’s really possible to make money online through blogging and hopefully inspire you to start your own blog.

This list shows the evolution of blogs from less than $100 per month to more than $100,000 per month.

Let’s get right into it!

#1. MakingSenseOfCents.com – $104,170.48 (-17,396.52)

MakingSenseofCents-MichelleMichelle’s income decreased a bit in May, but it wasn’t anything terrible major.

Most of her time was spent on future plans for Making Sense of Cents and had a coaching call with Ruth Soukup from Livingwellspendingless to learn about her 25 employee business.

She learned a lot from the call, and it made her think a lot about her business and how she runs it.

Next month she plans on do more live interviews, create another product to sell, and continue learning and improving.

#2. SoOverThis.com – $84,350 (-13,514)

Justin’s income decreased a bit from last month, but he’s not worried.

Even though his income is smaller, he was able to increase his earnings from his personal sites making him less dependent on advertising services that he provides to other people.

He plans on acquiring more websites, increasing his customer base, and start a full-fledged digital marketing agency.

#3. AuthorityWebsiteIncome.com – $51,574.21 (-1,956.68)

AuthorityWebsiteIncome-JonHaverJon was worried that May would be a tough month because of its rough start, but a strong end of the month compensated for the rough start.

While his affiliate website strategy is yielding lower earnings per visitor than normal, but the higher than expected earnings from ContentRefined made up for it.

His new strategy for growing traffic is doing wonders, but his team is struggling with converting those visitors into money.

Next month he plans on getting more customers for ContentRefined that’s not related to his blog and addressing the earnings per visitors issues for his affiliate sites.

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The Complete Teachery Review – Last Updated June 2017

Featured-TeacheryI would like to give two disclaimers before I start this review:

  1. I’m a member of the BuyOutFuture program offered by Jason and Caroline, so I got Teachery for free. I also get an insider’s perspective to how Jason thinks, how he treats his customers, and how hard he works to make great products, so while I will do my best to provide a non-biased review, it’s hard to do that when you know so much about him.
  2. I am an affiliate for Teachery. If you make a purchase through my links, I will get % of your purchase at no extra cost to you. You don’t have to use my links. I won’t be hurt at all. However, please let me know how I can make this review better and contact me if you have any questions about Teachery and I’ll do my best to answer them!
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The Price

They have a free 14 day trial, so you can check the platform out before shelling out your hard-earned money.

There are three pricing options and all of them give you access to the same exact features.

  1. $49 per month– Great if you don’t want to pay a lump sump right away. However, if you like the platform after the free trial, I recommend doing the $470/year plan to save money. After all, if you create a course on the platform, you wouldn’t want to stop paying and take away your student’s access to it! This would only work if you move the course somewhere else, but if you start on Teachery and like it, you’ll probably use it for all of your courses.
  2. $470 per year – This saves you 20% every year over the $49/month plan. I recommend starting with this one unless you have the money for the lifetime plan and are sure that you’ll stay with Teachery for a long time.
  3. $900 for life– Get access to everything Teachery has to offer forever. Pick this one if you’re planning on using Teachery for more than 2 years!

What makes Teachery unique and why you would want to use it 🙂

  • They have no transaction fees on their platform. You’ll still have to suffer through Stripe’s 2.9% + $.29 per transaction fee, but that’s it.
  • You can create an unlimited number of courses and lessons and have an unlimited number of students with all of their plans. Want to create 1,000 courses with 1 video each? Go ahead! You’ve created an amazing course that gets 1,000,000 paying customers? AWESOME! You don’t have to pay $$ for every student that joins because it’s all included.
  • Their customer service is amazing. They’re happy to help you with any question you might have, and Jason still answers customer questions all the time. (His attitude is so very awesome and contagious.)
  • Their team cares about the success of their customers. They’ll tell you if Teachery isn’t the right platform for you and they won’t try to squeeze every single dollar out of you. (That’s why there’s no transaction fees!)
  • Their simple setup lets you create courses quickly without getting bogged down in details and tech problems.
  • Their free trial requires no credit card details.
  • A doze of fun when you’re working on your course at 4 in the morning and want to tear your hair out. (You’ll see what I’m talking about in a bit.)

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From Zero to Hero Part 1- Getting to $500 Per Month in 3 Months

From-Zero-to-HeroWhat am I doing and why am I doing this? – May 15th

Today I realized that this site is ranking on the 2nd page of Google with no links, only 4 pages of content, and for keywords that have 1000+ searches per month.

I don’t want to waste the potential that this site has so I decided to create another journey where I take this side from 0 to hero.

What’s the definition of hero?

People always talk about SMART goals, so let’s make this goal definite.

This site should make at least $500/month within 3 months.

Why $500?

It’s a bit of a stretch goal considering how many other projects I’m working on, but I want to challenge myself and prove that I still have what it takes to make it with Amazon affiliate.

P.S.- Let’s call this site EG.

Today I:

  • Added a 1,o00 word review post to the site.
  • Looked ahead to see what posts I will write in the upcoming days.

May 16th

I have a list of more than 100 fairly low competition keywords for this niche, but when you have a list that big it can be hard to start sometimes.

I sometimes question myself and wonder if I’m working on the things that will bring the best results in the short term, but then I realize that as long as I keep working hard I’ll eventually publish all 100 posts and I’ll have the same amount of traffic.

Today I:

  • Wrote 900 words for a post that will end up being around 1,500-2,000 words.

May 17th

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Ugly Side of Making Money Online

How I Almost Went to The Dark Side- The Ugly Side of Making Money Online

Ugly Side of Making Money OnlineWhen I started this blog my goal was to show my successes and failures without holding anything back.

Well, I was really close to failing a couple days back.

I almost got sucked into the dark side of making money online where the main focus is repackaging terrible products and selling them to wide-eyed, hopeful novices.

I know… I know… I’m sorry.

Here’s the backstory:

I was having money issues and didn’t yet know that I was going to sell my site for a very happy amount. 🙂

It was late at night and I couldn’t sleep and somehow I stumbled upon a product I purchased recently from one of the dark side MMO people. (No, I won’t tell you who it is.)

I watched his videos and everything he said made sense and seemed so easy. (They love to make it look really easy, don’t they?)

I was instantly hooked.

I had the money to run solo ads, I could make a landing page just like him, and I could make a product just like him or even better. (His product wasn’t terrible, but it ignored a lot of information that newbies might not know about or understand, and didn’t go in-depth.)

I even reached out to solo ad providers, created a landing page, and wrote out a plan for course creation, upsell creation and downsell creation, and then it hit me.

I’m not providing any actual value to these people whatsoever.

Instead of creating and promoting a high-quality Amazon affiliate course, I was about to create some crappy solo ad course that taught people how to make money with solo ads.


Where did my conscience go? I have no idea.

I could blame it on the lack of sleep, the lack of money, or anything else, but I knew the truth.

The real issue was with me and my mindset.

I was so focused on the fact that needed money that I ignored how this would affect other people.

What lesson can I learn from this?

I never thought I would ever think of promoting crappy products, but now I can see why someone would do it.

If money is all you care about, or if you’re able to trick yourself into saying that you provide value, selling BS is easy.

Too easy.

P.S.- If you make money online by selling MMO products I don’t have anything against you unless those products are complete crap.


May 2017 Income Report and Plans

May-Income-Report-OnlineMoneyzThis is my 27th income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help you figure out how you can make money online.

What I Did in May

I spent the beginning of May working lightly and trying to rest, but then I read two amazing books that completely changed my mindset. (More on this later.)

Online I:

  • Published 33k words on WHQ. The goal here is to increase the amount of informational content on the site and get over the Fred issues I’ve been having.
    • I also added some backlinks, and my VA found 50+ websites for guest posts. WHQ has enough content by now, and I need high quality links to get the site to earning $$$$ every month. It is in a very high competition niche though, so that’ll take more time.
  • Published two posts on my blog with a couple more saved as drafts. It’s crazy how much you can do when you’re not a full time student!
  • Published my third income report roundup!
  • Started selling my website on EmpireFlippers. I’ll write a blog post about the entire process later, but they’ve been great so far and I’m positive my site will sell in June.
  • Added 5k to EGE. This is the site in the low-competition niche post. I plan on growing this site out once I sell BAB, but I put it on pause for now because I might have to include this site in the sale and there’s no point in growing it right now if I have to sell it off before it makes any money.

Offline I:

  • Read two amazing books that shifted my mindset. Both are by the same author and have some overlap, but one is from 2011 and one was just published.
    • The Millionare Fastlane – I read this book a year ago, but it didn’t have an impact on me. I re-read it at the beginning of May and understood everything in it. I could finally relate to what MJ (the author) was talking about.
    • Unscripted – Got this book on launch day and finished it on the same day. This book is much longer than the first one, but it covers much more info also. It’s harsh, it will make you rethink your life choices up to this point, but if you think about his message you’ll understand the power in this book.
  • Read through 3 copywriting books, took notes, and thought about the information in the book. I will be re-reading these in June or July to truly get the info into my head.

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