April Income Report

August 2015 Income Report And Future Plans

August was an amazing month for me Amazon Affiliate wise.

I started my $50 to $600 a month in 6 months project and I’m already at $280 for the first month.

I worked a lot on optimizing my site in an effort to increase my email list as it’s incredibly tiny as of right now.

Plans For September

School is going to start so I’m not sure how much time I will have to spend on my sites, but it’s something I actually enjoy so I’m sure I’ll find time for it.

I want to beat my Amazon Affiliate income or at least get close to it to make sure that it wasn’t a fluke.

I’m also planning on creating an Amazon Affiliate course so if you’re interested in being one of the first 10 people to join when it goes live check out this page! (I already have 1 person signed up, but I want at least 10 people beta-test the course. The course will be live sometime in the beginning of 2016.)

I want to get my email list to at least 50 people during September as I only have 29 subscribers right now.

Speaking of subscribers, what type of content would you guys be interested in that I could make available to subscribers only? Please comment down below!

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $65 There weren’t that many tests available for some reason and I didn’t have the dashboard open as often.
  • PerkTV- $25 My apps started glitching out and it took 18 days to get to $25 so I decided to take a break.
  • G2A– $3.53 No work, passive income.
  • AdSense- $9.33 These earnings are from July. My YouTube account still wasn’t banned then, but August’s AdSense earnings will be tiny.
  • Amazon Affiliate- $280.42 A HUGE increase in earnings. I quadrupled my earnings since last month!
  • Bitcoins- $5.28 This is from PokerAm and A-Ads.
  • Referral- $6 Not as much money as usually, but I think I reached my FreeEats account limit for referrals.
  • Opinion Rewards- $1.88 A couple of quick surveys using Google’s app.
  • MIT Name Game- $2.35 A fun little way of making some extra money. It wasn’t as much the money I was interested in as I was in helping the scientific community.
  • Clickworker- $33.62 Not bad for 30 minutes of work.
  • Total- $432.41 Another record month! Let’s go for $800 next month? 😉

April Income Report

July 2015 Income Report And Plans

July was a good month for me.

I found 3 new ways to make money online, started my new Amazon Affiliate project, and got a couple of new money-making ideas.

Plans For August

August is going to be an incredibly busy month for me because the Cross Country season officially starts and I’ll have to start applying to colleges and writing essays which is killer.

I hope that I can spend at least an hour a day working on my Amazon sites and publishing content on this site because otherwise I won’t reach my goal of $600 per month with Amazon in 6 months.

My income goal is to break $300 total in August, and hopefully get to $400 in September as that would mean that I’m right on pace with my Amazon sites, but we’ll see.

I also found a new great way to make money (new to me), and it allows me to make around $30-$60 per hour in short 15 minute bursts around once a day so that can add on around $300 bucks per month if there is enough work to do.

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $105 A fairly average month for me. I didn’t take as many tests as I had access to because I just didn’t feel like it.
  • PerkTV– $45 This month it’s $5 than last month because I’m starting to get Amazon gift cards again instead of BTC. Next month this will probably be around $50.
  • G2A– $3.63 No work, passive income.
  • AdSense- $12.57 These earnings are from June which was my highest month yet. Sadly my YouTube account got banned so this will slowly dwindle down to around $4-$5 per month tops.
  • Amazon Affiliate- $64.03 Another record Amazon month. Considering that I just started another Amazon Journey I wouldn’t be surprised if I break $100 in August.
  • Bitcoins- $3.22 I found another passive BTC site which added on to my earnings from A-Ads.
  • Referral- $29.5 Seems like FreeEats is still paying out for people registering under me. Pretty nice passive income!
  • Market Samurai Affiliate– $6.42 Someone purchased Market Samurai after visiting one of my affiliate links.
  • Total- $269.37 I thought it would be smaller than last month, but it seems that I’m not that far behind! I’m sure that I can break the $300 barrier in August, and I’m excited to see what the future holds!

1-Year Income Report

1 Year Income Report And Plans

I bought the OnlineMoneyz domain on July 27th exactly 1 year ago and I think it’s time to look back at what my goals and ideas were for the site back then and what my goals are now.

You can scroll past the My Plans section if you’re only interested in the income report or my future plans for the site. (Keep in mind I only started creating income reports starting in March, but I kept some information about my income starting in January so most of my income is from the last 6 months and not a year.)

My First Plans

My main reason for creating this website was because I was a Swagbucks member for over a year and I didn’t know that other sites about making money online existed (or that /r/Beermoney existed) so I decided that it would be a great idea to be the first person ever to create a website about making money online.

I never did any research. I didn’t know what SEO was, let alone how I should do SEO, and I didn’t think that I was getting into a competitive niche.

What was I thinking?!?

As most of my readers know the “make money online” niche is one of the most competitive ones online on par with weight-loss and gambling.

However I didn’t give up and this website introduced me to the world of SEO, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and many other wonderful things.

I’m not an expert on any of those topics, but I know enough to be able to rank Amazon Affiliate websites in low-medium competition niches and I know where to go if I need an answer to a question about SEO or other topics.

I’ve learned so much in the past year and I’ve finally found the things that I truly enjoy doing at this point in my life right now.

Now let’s talk about how much money I’ve made in the past year!

Last Year’s Income

I didn’t start keeping track of my income until January 2015, but you don’t lose much information as before then I was spending most of my time learning about different ways to make money online and figuring out what I want to do.

  • UserTesting- $591 As you can see this was my main source of income. I’m slowly trying to move away from UserTesting towards more passive methods, but the extra $100 per month goes a long way towards developing new sites so I’ll take it! All of the income is January or later
  • PerkTV- $195 Pretty darn good for a $50 investment! This number could be higher but I use Perk Points to buy Bitcoin which is more expensive.
    If I only got Amazon GCs this could be around $250 I think, but I needed BTC to invest in PaidVerts and other sites.
  • G2A- 21.57 This is all from one blog post I published in November on one of my other sites. No other work required. It ain’t a lot, but I’ll take it!
  • AdSense- $70.26 My monthly Adsense earnings have been steadily increasing since I started my OnlineMoneyz YouTube channel a couple months ago. I stopped posting videos on my gaming channel as I wanted to focus on other things, but that was recently enough to where it didn’t affect my earnings. My OnlineMoneyz channel is also way more lucrative than the gaming channel. 5x the CPM Sadly my YouTube channel got banned so I had to move to DailyMotion.
  • Amazon- $105.32 I created my first Amazon Affiliate site in February. You can read the case study here.
    It made me around $50 even though it was a bad time for the niche I was in, but I decided to create a couple more sites to diversify my niches. I currently have 2 more sites that are starting to make some passive dough for me and 3 more that are still in the process of being ranked on Google. I’ve noticed that it takes 1-3 months for the rankings to get to the point where you either start seeing a profit or you need to give the site a little Web 2.0 boost to go higher.
  • Bitcoins- $9.38 This comes from referrals on a couple of BTC sites and also Anonymous ads which I use to advertise one of my blogs. It’s a tiny amount, but I like the fact that it’s in BTC.
  • Other- 58.22 This includes the Enroll App, Opinion Rewards App, innoPoll and Lucktastic.
  • Referral- $117.25 This is referral money from FreeEats and MXWRK. It’s not exact, but it’s fairly close.
  • Forgotten Income- $50 ish? This is the money that I earned through Swagbucks and other sites for the first 6 months that this site was live. I’m not exactly sure of the number, but $50 should be a fair number.
  • Total- $1168.00 After adding it up the number is surprisingly bigger than what I thought it was. I’m very excited to see what the next year brings as now I actually know what I’m doing and my monthly income is never less than $100 at this point.

Plans For Next Year

I’m going to keep working on sites like UserTesting and others to make money that I can use to reinvest into my future projects, but my goals are much bigger than what I’m making now.

Amazon Affiliate Plans

At this point I have 6 Amazon Affiliate sites total.

Only 3 of them are making me any money right now, but the other 3 are very new and I don’t expect them to make me money for at least 2 months.

I have 2 problems with my current Amazon situation:

  1. 4/6 of my sites target smaller products with a fairly small commission.
    1 site targets products $200+ and the other targets products from $40-$200.
    The small sales are helping me increase my Amazon commission, but without big sales that number is useless.
  2. Most of my sites are fairly small. This isn’t a problem in itself as long as they’re making money and providing helpful content, but since they’re very targeted keywords it’s nearly impossible to grow it into an authority site.
    I have a site with around 45 pages of content and I was going to say that I wasn’t sure how else I could monetize it and increase the number of articles on the site except for fairly small Amazon commissions. (The items are small)
    However I thought of the perfect CPA Affiliate program I could add to the site that would both bring my site visitors very useful content that they’re already looking for and make me some additional cash. Win Win!

The rest of my sites are pretty small though, so I want to either create a site that targets high value/high commission Amazon products. ($800+)

Or build an authority site that will be monetized through Amazon and other means, but once again I would like to target higher value products as I’m tired of seeing the $.02 commissions from Amazon coming in. 🙂

The niche and keyword research will be a little tough, but I’m confident that I can find a good niche if I keep on looking.

PaidVerts/MTV Plans

I’m getting between 3-10 people to sign up under me on PaidVerts without any work at all so sooner or later I might get a “big fish” to sign up under me.

My total ref commissions are around $150 right now, but with the sites getting a new admin everything is looking up and I think it will be more attractive to investors than ever.

If I can get one person to join who will invest $1000 and reinvest 1/3 of his earnings to stay in the same BAP group, I’ll be making a pretty solid $100+ per month! I’d say that’s pretty good!

I’m also doing some day-trading on MTV and clicking ads on PV, but the daily profit isn’t very high right now for me.

Other Site Plans

I’m working on 2 big projects right now that have the potential to bring me a lot of money, but they could also crash and burn spectacularly.

I’ll tell you more about it when they become successful or when they burn.

I also have 3 Twitter accounts and 1 Instagram account at the moment that I’m growing, and I’m probably going to add 3-5 more Twitter accounts to the mix.

If I can get to 30,000+ followers on Twitter that could be absolutely HUGE for one of my big projects. (This project will be launching sometime during this September or October and you won’t miss it because I’m going to launch it with a bang!)

OnlineMoneyz Plans

My goal for this site is to have another big journey like my Amazon one where I’ll show you all of the successes and problems I have while working on the sites.

I love those kinds of posts (I read way too many on them on different forums) and I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt the same way.

I also want to post a little bit more often as it seems that most of my posts are income reports, but I’ve been working on many projects without posting about them on here because either they’re just small tests I’m running or I don’t feel like sharing my secrets yet. 😉

Either way I hope you find whatever I have to post useful.

I also added a couple more programs to my Internet Marketer Toolkit and I’ll be sharing links to them and more information about them in a later post.

For now, thank you for reading and if you have any questions or suggestions please comment below!

April Income Report

June 2015 Income Report And Plans

June was a big month for me both numbers wise and ideas wise.

I broke $200 and almost got to $300, my Amazon Affiliate sales are improving, and the best part is that I spent less time on this than I did last month!

I also started working on 2 projects that have huge profit potential, but I’m not ready to talk about them yet, but keep an eye out for that in my newsletter and blog posts as it will also give you an opportunity to make money!

I created one more Amazon Affiliate site and researched keywords and bought a domain for 2 more, but I got burned out and moved on to other projects for now.

I also created a couple of Web 2.0s pointing to some of my sites. (8 total)

I know it’s a small number, but I’d rather take it slow and steady vs going a bit too fast and making it look unnatural to Google.

I’ll blast these 2.0s after 2-4 weeks and after 2-3 months I should start seeing some results!

Plans For July

My biggest goal for July is to launch one of the big projects that I have been working on.

It won’t make me money in the beginning, but it should be a long-term money-maker within half a year or so.

I also want to work on another project, but I still have to work out the logistics of it as it will require accepting large sums of money ($50,000+) and PayPal won’t work with that so I might have to work until I’m actually 18 and open a bank account.

Either way, I think July will bring the same amount of money as June, if not more.

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $160 (My best month yet by far! I was able to take more tests as I’m at the computer more often, but this will stop when school starts so I need to diversify more.)
  • PerkTV– $40 (Same as always!)
  • G2A– $.94 (Very low month for G2A, but I’ll take it for not doing anything.)
  • AdSense- $10.07 (I’m getting more subscribers on my OnlineMoneyz channel and I received more views on my gaming channel also.)
  • Amazon Affiliate- $47.13 (I narrowly broke last month’s income, but I’m very happy with this month because it was a steady stream of orders every day vs just one lucky huge order. I also added 1 site and I’m planning on adding 2 more, but they won’t make any money yet.)
  • Bitcoins- $1 (Some money from a-ads that I use on one of my Web 2.0 properties)
  • Google’s Opinion Rewards- $1.22 (Another app that I got that gives me incredibly short surveys. I took 3 surveys for a total of less than 3 minutes and got $1.22 worth of Google Play credit. Not bad.)
  • Other- $17 (Referral money from FreeEats and MXWRK)
  • Total- $277.36 (This is my highest month yet! What’s impressive to me is the fact that I spend a lot of time working on 2 big projects that have very high profit potential and I didn’t spend that much time on this, but my income still went up.)

April Income Report

May 2015 Income Report And Plans

This month was another busy month for me, but I managed to narrowly beat my last month’s profits.

I bought 2 more $10 phones to add to my Perk farm (bringing the total number to 5) and this should increase my monthly income by around $20-$30.

This month was also a great month for my Amazon Affiliate site, and July is a peak month for a different Amazon Affiliate site that I have, so hopefully the summer income from Amazon Affiliate sites won’t drop too much.

My UserTesting income was quite low, but I already have $55 of income for the month of June (From tests taken May 25th and later as I count the money for UserTesting by payout date) so June should be a pretty solid month once again.

Plans For June

I will finally have enough time to work on all of my Affiliate sites, and I plan on adding more content to them and starting link building with the goal of getting them to the top 3 of Google for the big keywords.

I will also work on getting this site to rank higher in the SERPs, and I have been day-trading on PaidVerts and once June 10th comes I might cash out some of my shares and put the money into Poker Automatics to see if they really pay.

My Bitcoin income will also be much higher for June as I will stop investing into Scrypt.cc and I will start cashing out.

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $75 (This month was quite low, but it’s still nice for a couple hours of work)
  • PerkTV– $40 (I added 2 more phones to my Perk farm halfway through the month, so next month this should be around $60.)
  • G2A– $3.14 (Completely passive. Fairly low, but it adds up.)
  • AdSense- $8.92 (My OnlineMoneyz YouTube channel is adding to my gaming channel income which is quite nice.)
  • Amazon Affiliate- $46.28 (My highest month so far! I’m excited to see what my income will be like in March of next year.)
  • Bitcoins- $1 (Some money from a-ads that I use on one of my Web 2.0 properties)
  • innoPoll- $2 (I didn’t qualify for 2 tests and they sent me $2 as a “sorry” payment.)
  • Other- $10.25 (Referral money from FreeEats)
  • Total- $186.59 (Another small increase in my overall income, but I’m very happy with my Amazon income, and if my UserTesting income stayed at the $100+ level, I would have broken $200!)

April Income Report

April 2015 Income Report And Plans

Another month passed by which means another income report!

This month I was incredibly busy and I didn’t have nearly enough time to spend on my money-making “businesses”, but I’ve been slowly improving my website and I have a load of ideas for new posts and videos.

Plans For May

There are always a couple of new online money-making ways I want to test out, and I would like to finally publish my case-study of my first Amazon Affiliate site.

May will also be a busy month, but I will keep working on my Amazon Affiliate sites (I have 3 now), and hopefully I’ll be able to make some money with PaidVerts also.

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $118 (I was busy and there weren’t that many test I could do, but I was fortunate enough to get $45 worth of tests on April 29th which will go on May’s income report)
  • PerkTV- $20 (Same as always. It will probably stay at $20 for a while)
  • G2A– $2.53 (Not good, but not terrible. The number of referrals is slowly increasing and I even have a couple of level 2 referrals!)
  • AdSense- $6.96 (A pretty average month for this time of the year for me.)
  • Amazon Affiliate- $6.18 (I’ve made this much from 6 items, but I had a total of 10 ordered as 4 haven’t shipped yet. All of my 3 sites are quite new and any income I make with them now is just a bonus as my goal is profits 6 months or a year from now.)
  • innoPoll- $3 (I took one test and got paid in BTC within a day. I haven’t heard from them since however)
  • Other- $18 (Referral money from FreeEats and MXWRK)
  • Total- $174.67 (There is a small increase from last month, but still nowhere near what I want it to be. I’m expecting a huge increase after this summer, but that’s too far to talk about that)