April Income Report

April 2015 Income Report And Plans

Another month passed by which means another income report!

This month I was incredibly busy and I didn’t have nearly enough time to spend on my money-making “businesses”, but I’ve been slowly improving my website and I have a load of ideas for new posts and videos.

Plans For May

There are always a couple of new online money-making ways I want to test out, and I would like to finally publish my case-study of my first Amazon Affiliate site.

May will also be a busy month, but I will keep working on my Amazon Affiliate sites (I have 3 now), and hopefully I’ll be able to make some money with PaidVerts also.

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $118 (I was busy and there weren’t that many test I could do, but I was fortunate enough to get $45 worth of tests on April 29th which will go on May’s income report)
  • PerkTV- $20 (Same as always. It will probably stay at $20 for a while)
  • G2A– $2.53 (Not good, but not terrible. The number of referrals is slowly increasing and I even have a couple of level 2 referrals!)
  • AdSense- $6.96 (A pretty average month for this time of the year for me.)
  • Amazon Affiliate- $6.18 (I’ve made this much from 6 items, but I had a total of 10 ordered as 4 haven’t shipped yet. All of my 3 sites are quite new and any income I make with them now is just a bonus as my goal is profits 6 months or a year from now.)
  • innoPoll- $3 (I took one test and got paid in BTC within a day. I haven’t heard from them since however)
  • Other- $18 (Referral money from FreeEats and MXWRK)
  • Total- $174.67 (There is a small increase from last month, but still nowhere near what I want it to be. I’m expecting a huge increase after this summer, but that’s too far to talk about that)

April Income Report

March 2015 Income Report And Plans

March has been a pretty slow month for me. I barely worked on my websites or videos, but I spent around 3 hours on UserTesting which is where my main online earnings come from at this point.

In these reports I’m going to include all of the money I make online through methods mentioned on this website.

Plans For April

I get one week off from school at the beginning of April, so I’m going to work extra hard on creating content for my sites and hopefully I’ll see an increase in earnings!

I’m currently working on my first Amazon site and slowly creating my second one, so hopefully I will have at least 2, or maybe 3, running Amazon sites by the end of April.

MyTrafficValue and PaidVerts will do a full debt swap on April 6th-10th, and should be able to double the $60 I have on my account right now within a week or so. (Keep an eye out for a guide on getting the most profits out of the swap!)

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $124 (Average month for me. Also only took around 3 hours of total work)
  • PerkTV- $20 (Very low-earning month for me because Perk decreased the total income and even with my 3 phone farm I didn’t get much. I didn’t run it 24/7 though because the effort isn’t worth the reward.)
  • G2A- $4.19 (Completely passive income because of a blog post published in August. Not bad!)
  • YouTube- $5.82 (A fairly low month, but I was sick for 2 weeks so I was unable to post my usual 3 videos per week.)
  • Amazon Affiliate- $5.73 (My first month with my Amazon Affiliate site so I’m happy with whatever I get. Within 1-2 months this figure should be much higher.)
  • Total- $159.74 (Not bad, but not great. I didn’t count PaidVerts here because I haven’t cashed out anything, but next month that should change!)