March 2017 Income Report Roundup

March-Income-Report-RoundupCan you really make money online even if you’re not in the “make money online by making money online” niche? (Sheesh, what a mouthful!)

I love income reports so I decided to read through the reports of bloggers from various niches and condense them all in this post for your reading pleasure.

My goal with this post is to show you that it’s really possible to make money online through blogging and hopefully inspire you to start your own blog.

This list shows the evolution of blogs from less than $100 per month to more than $100,000 per month.

Let’s get right into it!

#1. – $118,879 (-27, 619.77)

MakingSenseofCents-MichelleMichelle saw an income drop in March, but after her best month ever that was to be expected.

She took part in a webinar which helped her grow her email list, spent more time on Facebook with the goals of increasing her number of followers, and decided that she will keep her income reports because they’re so loved by all of her visitors.

She also started a community group for her website, started a new interview series on her blog (the first one is fascinating!), and created a free Master Your Money email course.

Next month she plans on getting at least 3 months ahead on posts for her blog, doing more live interviews, and creating another product to sell.

#2. – $60,065.61 (+7,910.61)

AuthorityWebsiteIncome-JonHaverMarch was full of new things for John with a new baby, a new income record, 2 new hires, and a big new project.

Phew, typing that was tiring, I can’t imagine working on all of that at the same time!

ContentRefined has been growing 10% week over week, the BrandBuilders site sold out within hours, and his FBA businesses started seeing some success.

Next month he plans on getting better at managing his team, creating more valuable content for his site, and focusing on his largest opportunities and ignoring the smaller ones.

#3. – $53,910 (+29,592)

Justin more than doubled his income since last month, which is crazy considering that he also has a real job!

This was his best month ever revenue wise, and he expects April to break yet another record.

He purchased 2 new sites this month with strong social media accounts and decent traffic. Even though he’s behind his goal from last year, he’s not sure if he wants to get to 100 sites because of the necessary time commitment. Read more


February 2017 Income Report Roundup

Income-Roundup-February-2017When I was just starting out, my favorite posts were income reports.

I couldn’t believe (and I really wanted to believe) that people like me were making thousands of dollars per month online.

I devoured post after post, and the more I read the more inspired I got.

However, it’s hard to find the time to read all of the income reports that get published and figure out who is telling the truth and who is lying which is why I prefer income report roundups.

Matthew Woodward’s income report roundups were my favorite ones of them all, but sadly he hasn’t published one in nearly 3 months.

While I can’t change the fact that he’s not publishing them anymore, I can do something else: publish them myself!

I’ve picked a couple bloggers with diverse backgrounds to add into this report, but if you you publish income reports yourself and you’d like to be added, please let me know in the comments below!

Let’s get into it!

#1. – $146,498.77

MakingSenseofCents-MichelleFebruary was the highest income month ever for Michelle’s blogging business as she promoted her friend’s course and was featured in Forbes which brought in over 50,000 visitors to her site.

Most of her income came from the BlueHost affiliate program and her Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course.

For the upcoming months she’s planning on decreasing her number of posts per week, increasing her Facebook and Pinterest ad spending, and possibly changing or adding new content to her income reports.

She also plans on earning $1,000,000, doing more live interviews, and having a better work-life balance in 2017.

#2. – $52,155

AuthorityWebsiteIncome-JonHaverFebruary was good to Jon.

Even though he had a big drop in earnings for his passive income portfolio, his overall income is as good as it’s ever been.

He increased his stake in BrandBuilders, tried out a new website/PBN growth strategy, and had success with his service-based businesses.

In the next months he plans on buying more Amazon FBA businesses, growing new sites, and continue focusing on the systems of building a profitable business.

#3. – $24,318

Read more