March 2016 Income Report and Plans

March-Income-ReportThis is my 13th income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help you figure out how you can make money online.

What I Did in March

March was a pretty quiet month for my website because most of my focus was elsewhere.

Most of my time was spent on completing stuff for the NichePursuits membership and I’ve gotta say that it’s been an amazing experience.

I still have 1 more week in the internship, and I’ve gotten so much value from it it’s crazy.

I combined their keyword research process with mine and I’ve already found 40+ super-low competition keywords I can use for one of my sites.

I also:

  • Got hired by a local business to build a website for them.
  • Added images to my huge post and edited the wording. I now need to create all of the lead magnets and it should be ready to go. (I know this post is taking forever to create, but it’ll be worth it!)
  • Figured out the quality that Udemy is happy with. (Only took me 4 test videos!)
  • Watched a ton of webinars and took notes to see what I liked and didn’t like about each one.

Plans For April

I have 10 days of spring break and I have a ton of stuff I want to do. (As always.)

During the month (or mostly spring break) I will:

  • Complete the NichePursuits internship.
  • Record and publish my first course on Udemy. (I’ll send everyone on my email list a huge coupon when it goes live. Wink, wink.)
  • Finish the local business’ website.
  • Finally publish my huge post. (I’m taking forever. I know. Sorry!)
  • Add at least 10 more money-articles to my Amazon affiliate sites. (March was an amazing Amazon affiliate month for me, but it might drop down in April and May so I need to put up some evergreen articles to keep a consistent income.)
  • Start a new journey using a no-seo Clickbank method that anyone can use to make money. (Or so they say.)
  • And much more stuff that I’m keeping secret for now. 😉

I probably won’t complete even half of what I have to do, but finishing some of it is better than nothing at all.

Website Traffic

My traffic didn’t change much, but that’s because I haven’t done anything to increase it.

I’ve done a couple of blog comments, but you’re not going to get a traffic spike from that.

Here’s my traffic for the month:


If I compare it to last month, and assume that the first couple days of February would’ve been the same (I changed my tracking ID because of referral spam) then everything would be pretty similar.

It actually looks like my total sessions number might’ve been higher last month.


How do I plan on changing that?

  • My huge post. (I have high hopes for this, but we’ll see.)
  • More content targeting low-competition keywords in the “make money online” niche. (Yes, there are low comp keywords in this niche. Don’t worry. 😉 )
  • More long-form content and journeys that I know you will enjoy.

Income Report

Here are the numbers that everyone loves to see!

  • Amazon Affiliate- $1568.8 Hugeeeeeeee month for me! This is more than double my previous high income month. This will drop if I don’t post more evergreen content though because right now is the hot season for my sites.
  • AdSense- $41.43 From one AdSense site. Not great because I spent $39 to make this amount. I still didn’t get the other 3 sites that I ordered. Maybe I should just ask for a refund…
  • UserTesting- $6 I was bored so I took a couple tests…
  • BlueHost Affiliate– $65 Someone bought hosting after reading my post on reddit. Awesome!
  • Content Samurai– $203.04 Nearly double the amount from February. Can I double it again in April? That’d be great! 🙂
  • Total- $1884.27 My biggest month ever by far, and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon. Can I break $2,000 next month? 


  • Aweber- $19 Monthly subscription.
  • AdSense Site SEO- $39 Not bad.
  • Domains- $52 Two of my domains got auto-renewed. One of them I’m still using and the other is just “accidental expenses” I guess.
  • Upwork- $7 Bought an article. Waiting on its completion.
  • JVzoo Purchases- $28 Bought a tool that I thought would be useful, but it just too spammy for my liking.
  • Total- $145 Pretty low-expense month for me. Not bad!

Total Profit: $1,739.27

It feels crazy to be typing this.

I made almost $2,000 in profit last month with no physical product, about 5 hours of work tops, and without having to leave my house.

Absolutely crazy…

Is there anything else you’d like to see in these posts, or is there something you want me to try out?

Comment below!

7 replies
  1. Nadya
    Nadya says:

    Hey Ilya,
    so happy for you that you had such a great month 🙂 congrats on your high profit! it looks amazing 🙂

    It is my fist time in your blog, and I have a question!

    Do you have a day job or do you study? Myself, I do have a day job and I find I do not have enough time to work on my online business… 🙁 I am just wondering if you are in the same position.
    I hope you do not find my question too personal, but if you do, please ignore it 🙂 I will totally understand!

    Also, I see you have taken the NichePursuits internship – interesting! I was considering taking it too. You wrote you have learned a lot from it so I guess you like it so far 🙂 I wonder if you have a dedicated post about it?

    Congrats again with an awesome month 🙂

    • Ilya P.
      Ilya P. says:

      Hey Nadya,
      Thanks for the comment and your kind words! I frequently find myself visiting your blog so it’s cool to see you here. 🙂

      I’m currently in high school and I’m active in sports and community stuff so I know exactly how you feel. There’s never enough time, is there? (I can get in 30 minutes of work per day on some days though.)

      Yes, it’s very useful! If you have the chance to do it I definitely recommend it.

      Not sure if I’ll be doing a recap post about the internship as I don’t think it’s fair to Spencer and Co if I tell all their trade secrets, you know?

      Thanks and I hope you come back again! 🙂


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