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Market Samurai Review

Hey guys!

Today I will be reviewing a keyword research tool called Market Samurai,

I haven’t used it in a while because I started using Long Tail Pro, but when I opened it to do my review I found a bunch of features that were either new or that I never used before.

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What Is It?

When most people think of Market Samurai they think of keyword research, but that’s only a small part of what the program can do.

When I just got it I used it only for keyword research and I was happy with it, but it can do much more.

In addition to the obvious you it can also:

  • Create a list of available domains based on seed keywords,
  • Find keyword-related products from Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, and PayDotCom to help you monetize your site.
  • Create ads and blog posts using source content from the product/affiliate pages
  • Find the latest blog posts and articles related to your keyword (Perfect for regurgitating content)
  • Create and publish blog posts straight from the program (Not sure why you would do that because the WordPress editor is better anyway)
  • And find Web 2.0s, blogs, and forums related to your keyword so you can get backlinks

Market Samurai Functions

The Review

If you don’t like reading, here’s a video review for you:

I’ll go through the whole program step-by-step, but first let’s look at the price.

Originally it costs $149, but I think you can get it for $97 if you use someone’s affiliate link. (Here’s mine if you feel like it.)

I know that was the case back in the day, but I’m not sure if the discount is still there or if they got rid of it.

Either way for $97 or $149, you get a ton of value.

  • The Good
  • Tons of great features
  • Great value for the price
  • Can analyze keyword competition for you. Combines data from multiple sources
  • More features will be added as it’s still in “Beta”
  • The Bad
  • The Rank Tracker feature is expensive and useless
  • Everything the program does is slow
  • The Content Editor is very basic
  • More features will be added as it’s still in “Beta”

Rank Tracker

This is probably my least favorite feature of the whole program.

The software can track the positions of 10 keywords for free, but if you want to track more keywords you have to buy a different plan.

The worst part?

The keywords only update once every 7 days and their lowest priced plan of $10 is a joke.

For $10 on SerpLab you can track 1,500 keywords with checks once per day, while using Market Samurai you’d only be able to track 100 keywords once a week.

I personally don’t use the feature, and I doubt that you will either, but I’d gladly be proven wrong!


Keyword Research

The keyword research section is very useful, and while it’s not as fast as Long Tail Pro, it provides some options that Long Tail Pro doesn’t offer.

To get this part of the program to work you need to connect a Google Account as it gets all of the data from Google Keyword Planner.

Market Samurai was able to generate 802 keyword suggestions based on the original keyword of “lose weight,” while Long Tail Pro could only generate 795 keywords.


Market Samurai also allows you to:

  • Add positive keywords that hide the keyphrases that don’t contain your chosen keyword
  • Add negative keywords that hide the keyphrases that do contain your chosen keyword
  • Only show the keywords of a certain length (Great for long tail research! Why doesn’t Long Tail Pro have this?)

Keyword Analysis

When getting your keyword data Market Samurai only automatically gets:

  • The total searches
  • The price for running an AdSense ad for the keyword
  • The total “value” of the keyword
  • And it calculates the number of clicks you’d get if you were number one for the keyword.

If you want to do a more in-depth keyword analysis then you need to select the data you want for each keyword from Majestic and Bing.

After selecting everything you want it to show, pressing Analyze Keywords, and waiting forever this is what you will see:


If you don’t know what SEOC, SEOUC, etc, are you can hover over the acronym and a popup will appear explaining what it is.

If you click on the + sign by each of the acronyms you can also add a filter for that term.

For example if I wanted to only find keywords with the Title Comp (MSEOTC) under 100, I’d click on the plus sign by Title Comp and put in 100.


It also has custom filters that you can choose from, and you can create your own custom filters.

The ones that come with the program are the Golden Rules, Long Tail, and The Challenge (I think that was for a competition back in the day ran by a famous affiliate/coach. Not relevant at this point).


A couple of quick tips for this section:

  • Clicking on the key icon by each keyword will open up a new tab with that keyword in it.
  • If you select a keyword and press the find domains button it’ll do it all for you.
  • You can also select multiple keywords and perform the following actions on them:
    • Open in new tabs
    • Add to rank tracker
    • Copy keywords
    • Copy tags
    • Find domains
    • Delete

SEO Competition

Back in the day this used to be my favorite section of Market Samurai, and I still like using it.

It’s great overall and it’s also one of the fastest sections of the program which is a nice change from the usual.

For this section Market Samurai gets all of the DA/TF/DMOZ/other information, puts in all in a nice table, and color-codes it all for you.

Look at the SEO Competition for the keyword “lose weight.”


Looks threatening, doesn’t it?

Okay, now what about the competition for the keyword “belly wraps to lose weight?”


Not as bad!

While you shouldn’t let the computer decide what keywords are low-comp and which ones are high-comp, you can still use this information as a guideline to see if you actually need to check out the content that the websites have or whether it’s too hard to rank simply because of already established authority.


This is a very simple section.

It gives you a list of available domains based on the keywords that you enter.

You can pick what domain TLDs you want to find (I recommend .com, .org, or .net), what the goal of the site is (this affects the extra words that Market Samurai adds to your domain to see if it’s available), and whether you want or don’t want hyphens in your domain.



This is another cool, but under-utilized section of the program.

You can:

  • Find products to promote on Clickbank, Amazon, and other marketplaces
  • Create ads for the products straight in Market Samurai
  • Calculate your click-through rate, offer conversion rate, website conversion rate, value per click, and value per visitor
  • And find the maximum cost per click you can bid for ads and still be profitable based on your profit per sale/value per visitor

Product Search

You can search Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, and PayDotCom for products related to your keyword.

You can add an account, or search without an account, that’s up to you.

You can sort the products by price, commission, gravity, etc, depending on where you’re looking.


I added 1 product each from each marketplace so now we can create our ad/blog post straight in Content Samurai

Generating Copy

This is a drag and drop area where you can use the images and information provided by the seller to create your own blog posts/banners.

You can insert buttons, images, headings, sentences, paragraphs, and lists. (If the affiliate provides that information.)

Here’s an example blog post for one of the Clickbank weight-loss products:


Does it look amazing?


Can you make it look better?


Business-Metrics-CalculatorBusiness Metrics Calculator

This calculator lets you figure out the effectiveness of your sales funnel/ads.

You put in the number of impressions, number of clicks, number of sales, and the total revenue, and it spits out your CTR, conversion rate, value per click, and value per visitor.

Let’s say your ad gets 50,000 impressions, 5,000 clicks, and you get 50 sales from that worth $2,500 total. ($50 each sale)

Here’s what Market Samurai would spit out for you:

PPC-CalculatorPPC Calculator

Let’s say you’re thinking about running an ad campaign, but you’re not sure what the max profitable cost per click is.

You can simply calculate it, or you can use this calculator to figure it out for you.

You just have to enter the profit per sale and a conservative conversion rate.

If you get $50 per sale, and your conversion rate is .1%. (1 out of 1,000 visitors buys your product), your maximum cost per click is .05.

Pretty simple.

Finding Content

This feature allows you to find articles related to your keyword that you can rephrase and put up on your site.

I wouldn’t do this for a white-hat site because if you copy the whole article that’s copyright infringement, and if you rephrase the article that could also be copyright infringement, and fair-use is a tricky concept.

This is great for black-hat sites however.

When I tried to find content for “losing weight,” it couldn’t find any content except for articles from Google News/Google Blog Search.


You can analyze:

  • The number of backlinks the article got,
  • The number of times the keyword appeared in the article,
  • The number of times the article appeared online,
  • And the age of the article

Publishing Content

You can connect Market Samurai to a WordPress Blog and publish content straight from the program, but I don’t know why you would do that.

If you have plugins on your blog that you use in your posts (which most people do), then you’re missing out on that, and the Market Samurai editor is pretty basic so this is only useful if you’re re-publishing a bunch of the same articles from the “Content Finding” section.


This section lets you find blog posts and forums related to your keyword.

This is great if you’re trying to get backlinks from comments, but you can also do this on Google more effectively by simply using the advanced search feature and looking for articles in the past 24 hours that contain your keyword.

Market Samurai can analyze the backlinks pointing to that page, the PR of the site (irrelevant at this point), whether the link is do or no-follow, and whether the site supports link-backs/trackbacks.

The Issues

The biggest problem with Market Samurai is that it’s unbearably slow at times.

The Keyword Research tool finds keywords fairly quickly, but the keyword analysis takes forever.

Opening new keyword tabs and switching between tabs also takes longer than it should, and the workflow isn’t as streamlined as Long Tail Pro’s.

However it packs a ton of features for the price, and I’m excited to see what else the team adds to the program.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this review useful!

Please comment below if you know of a program, course, or anything else related to making money online that I could review!

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