November 2016 Income Reports and Plans

november-income-reportThis is my 21st income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help you figure out how you can make money online.

What I Did in November

November was the first month when I actually published a couple posts on this site.

I also prepared hard for Black Friday (I sort of succeeded, but sort of failed), and kept on grinding Amazon affiliate wise.

Online I:

  • Published on OnlineMoneyz:
  • Published 25+ deal posts on this site and had my VA publish about 10 deal posts on WHQ. I started this way too late, otherwise I would’ve tried to get to 100+ articles posted. My OM articles worked well as the domain is much stronger than WHQ, so I know exactly what I need to do for next year to make $$$$$ on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
  • Started cutting expenses in order to invest money into more content and save for next year. I need money for next year, and since this source of income isn’t guaranteed, I should be saving some of it.
  • Brainstormed different ways of monetizing this site as now it’s pretty much a labor of love.

Offline I:

  • Participated in my first real Thanksgiving.
  • Spent hours on homework and classes.
  • Fed squirrels on campus.


Most of these goals are Amazon affiliate focused as I decided to focus on one thing instead of stretching myself too thin.

  • Look over, edit, and publish the 21 drafts I currently have on WHQFailedI haven’t done anything and now I have 25 drafts I need to look at…
  • Keep finding keywords and helping my VA pump out affiliate/product-oriented content. SucceededPublished a bunch of Black Friday posts and high quality review posts.
  • Possibly create a Pinterest/Facebook account for WHQ and teach my VA what to post and how to post on them. FailedStill in the works. Will definitely go ahead with the Pinterest account, but I’m not sure about Facebook.
  • Write at least 5 posts each oriented at Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts and promote them online. Succeeded. Got about 40 posts up. Promoted them on reddit and Facebook, but most of the search traffic came from extreme long tails in SERPs that I ranked for in less than a day.

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Banana Fund 101- Everything you Need to Know About Jo Cook’s New Creation

bananafundHave you ever had a great idea, but not enough money and no way of making it into reality?

I’ve got great news for you!

There’s a program launching on December 5th that will allow you to submit ideas for startups/companies and make money off of those ideas without having to create the companies yourself.

It was created by Jo Cook who started Paidverts and My Traffic Value which got to a $30,000,000 valuation at its highest point.

The company went through some rough times, but he had a big vision that required short term losses for long-term gains.

However, the crowd was scared and kicked him out of his own company (like Steve Jobs).

There is definitely some controversy around it, and I don’t know who’s in the right or in the wrong, but I know that Paidverts and My Traffic Value has gotten worse and worse since Jo left.

Note: The site is still in its pre-launch stage. Most of the features I describe here will only be available later on.

Quick Summary:

The new site is called BananaFund, and it allows you to invest in startups or submit your entrepreneurial ideas and make money through that.

Here’s the quick run-through:

  1. Submit an idea
  2. People fund it and buy tokens AKA shares in it
  3. The BananaFund company builds it and you receive dividends if it’s profitable or sell off your stake in the company to get paid right away.


  1. Buy tokens in a business idea you like
  2. Brainstorm ways to make it better to increase the number of tokens you have
  3. Profit from the dividends or sell your stake and make money

All of this is Bitcoin based, so if you don’t have BTC you can use CoinBase to buy some. (If you buy $100 or more using my link, we will both get an extra $10.)

P.S.: The information below is taken from the business proposal Jo submitted. However it is quite long so I summed up the most important parts so you don’t have to read through the whole thing.

Understanding Tokens

Tokens are basically shares.

You can get a stake in each project by buying parts of or whole tokens.

There are 20 blocks of tokens for each project. The first block has the cheapest tokens, and the last block has the most expensive ones. This provides the momentum that businesses will need to complete the funding round.

Project Life-Cycle

This is quite simple:

  1. The entrepreneur publishes a business idea that he/she has. (You get a certain number of idea submissions for free every year, and you can complete actions on the site to get more free submissions.)
    • You will need to answer some questions, provide the basic idea of the business, and whatever other documents/information you have about the business.
    • You will also need to pick the ownership % to distribute between yourself and the investors.
  2. The investors bounce around ideas and start pre-bidding on the project at .015 BTC pre-bids.
    • This stage lasts for at least 14 days.
    • The crowd exchanges ideas, and everyone gets up to 1% of the project tokens for simply helping in the brainstorming process. The entrepreneur has final say though.
    • The entrepreneurs can also assign tokens to people for creating videos/logos/etc for the project.
    • The pre-bids also start at this time. This lets you “save your spot” in line when it’s time to actually buy the tokens. Since the earliest tokens are cheapest, this is a great way to get up there. You should know that this isn’t just based on the order of which you buy the pre-bids, but the order at which you interact with the project.
  3. Next comes the token offering.
    • There are 20 blocks of coins for every project. The first block is the cheapest, the last block is the most expensive.The earlier you get in, the easier it is to make money.
    • If the first coin is $10 and the last coin is $200, if you buy first and the price stays at $200 after the token offering is over, you can sell off your old coin and be $190 in profit.
    • The tokens are sold starting with the pre-bids and then are open to everyone.
  4. Once the project is funded, BananaFund reviews it, assigns a manager, and checks if it’s legal and feasible.
  5. Next the project is launched on the marketplace and you can buy and sell your tokens of each project.
    • The marketplace will be incredibly transparent. You will be able to see who bought what, who sold what, how much of each token everyone owns, etc.
  6. Next come the daily updates from the manager and the dividends.
    • The manager has to provide daily updates about how the money is being spent and where it is going.
    • There is also a forum to discuss whatever you want about the project.
    • If you’re unhappy in the direction of the project, you can always sell off your stake and invest in a different one.

Referral Income

Referral income is also a big part of Banana Fund.

You can share up to 80% with your downline (which is what I’ll be doing so sign up under me!)

You also get:

  • 10% of every coin your downline buys during an ITO (Initial Token Offering)
  • .5% of every balance cashout
  • .015%-.025% of every marketplace trade


Banana Fund has great potential, and Jo has a proven track record of creating successful businesses.

I recommend signing up and seeing how it goes, and investing money that you can afford to lose. Personally I plan on investing at least $500 in this project as I think it has a high potential for success, but it’s up to you to decide how much to invest.

If you have questions about it, feel free to ask below!

Amazon Affiliate Decreasing Commissions?

I’m not sure if you heard, but Amazon affiliate has been decreasing commissions for some affiliates.

If you haven’t been hit, you should still know about this because you could be next.

In this post you will learn:

  • Who got hit with the commission cuts
  • How you can deal with it if it happened to you
  • And what the future holds for Amazon affiliate marketing

Quick heads up: this didn’t happen to me. I read about it on reddit and researched it more. Most of the info in this post comes from reddit and Amazon Forums.

What happened?

Some affiliates had their commission rate cut to 2-4%.

This decreased their commissions by nearly 1/4.

Imagine making a full-time income from Amazon and then waking up tomorrow and finding out that you can’t support yourself and your family anymore because you went from making $10,000 per month to $2,500 per month.

That. Would. Suck.

The worst thing is that it hits your entire Amazon affiliate account, not just the commissions from the “bad” site.

So far it hasn’t happened to a ton of people, and it seems that it mostly hit the following:

  • Amazon deal sites
  • Amazon price tracking sites
  • Low priced item sites (Only a few of them though.)

Why did it happen?

It seems that Amazon is paying less to affiliates who aren’t helping them become more profitable.

One hypothesis is that they’re getting rid of the people who send traffic that would’ve bought something on Amazon without the affiliate.

If you have a “best Amazon laptop deals” site it’s likely that the person you send to Amazon was already planning on purchasing a laptop there. You’re just getting a commission because you created a simple list.

You don’t bring them new customers so they pay you less.

For the lower-priced items they cite profitability reasons also, but no one can know for sure.

How can you deal with it?

There are a couple things you can do if you’ve been hit:

  • Create a different Amazon affiliate account and move your other sites there
  • Look for other affiliate programs
  • Or sell off and go into a different niche/business

Since the penalty hits your entire account at once, you can just create a new account and change the affiliate codes for your other sites.

You would miss out on the extra items from the penalized site, but going from 8% to 7% is better than going from 8% to 2%.

You can also check and see if there are other affiliate programs in your niche.

Amazon affiliate is great as everyone knows about Amazon so it’s really easy to make the sale, but other programs have higher commissions.

If you do look for other programs, look at specialized shops instead of big retailers like Walmart or Target, as the specialized shops usually have a higher commission percentage.

You can always sell off your site (although you will probably get a smaller commission because of the percent decrease), but it might be worth doing in order to remove it from your account.

What does the future hold?

Eventually Amazon will either decrease affiliate commissions or cut the program completely.

However, that likely won’t happen for at least a couple years as they’re still focused on growing their site and capturing as large of a customer base as they can.

However, there are always other affiliate programs available, and most if this is pure speculation so just use your brain and try to stay ahead of the competition. 😉

What will I do?

I’m planning on selling my BAB site if I can get $30,000+ for it this May.

I want to cash in on the high months of January-April for that site and then sell it off as I want money to grow my sites that are focused on other affiliate programs and higher-ticket Amazon items.

30k would be enough for me to live at least for a year or maybe a year and a half (as a college student), and invest $15,000 or so in my other online endeavors.

Obviously there’s still taxes and stuff, but it’s still a nice round number.

Were you hit by this commission decrease? If so, are you planning on doing anything about it?

Posts Not Ranking? Check Your Dates.

Note: According to SemPost this issue has been fixed, but I’m still testing my own sites. 

Three of my big “top 10” Amazon posts weren’t ranking and I couldn’t figure out why.

I had the right keyword density, great titles and descriptions, and the post had great content. 

However, it they were still ranking behind single review posts in the same niche.

So for example if I was trying to rank for “best 13 inch laptops,” my main post of “5 best 13 inch laptops” had a rank of 50+ while a short review of “Toshiba 13 inch laptop” was ranking #9. 

I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out how and why it happened and then I looked at the Google SERPs.

It was showing the wrong publish date for my main article!

The post was published a couple weeks ago, but according to Google it was published in 2009.

I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out why that was so. 

I republished it using a different date, deleted the post and created a new one, and re-indexed the page multiple times.


Then I decided to search it up in Google and found the simple answer here!

If you’re too lazy to click, I’ll explain it here:

The date of the YouTube video embedded in the post overrode the actual post date.

So if I posted something today, but the video was from 2009, Google said that this post would be from 2009.

Obviously this is terrible if you’re creating almost any type of content, but for affiliates like me who target “best of” keywords that’s even worse.

People want the newest reviews, so if my post is from 2009 no one is going to click on it.

Google was already notified of the bug a couple days ago, but I decided to take it into my own hands and removed the embedded YouTube videos from my posts.

I asked Google to re-crawl them, and voila! They were now ranking on the first page!

I’m sure that Google is going to fix this eventually, and when they do, I’ll re-add the videos to my posts, but for now I want them to rank where they deserve to rank.

If you’re having the same issue you can either wait it out or remove the YouTube video from your post to beat out others who aren’t as caught up on the current state of Google.

It’s up to you.

October 2016 Income Reports and Plans

october-income-reportThis is my 20th income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help you figure out how you can make money online.

What I Did in October

While October was an incredibly busy month for me, I didn’t do anything that is easy to see right now.

I don’t have any posts up on this site, and all of the work that my VA and I have been putting in hasn’t translated into real money yet. 

Online I:

  • Recorded many video tutorials for my VA.
  • Found tons of buyer keywords for WHQ that have fairly low competition. My VA is working on this right now!
  • Bought some Web 2.0 links for my WHQ site. 
  • Joined a group SEO buy group and got access to Ahrefs, Semrush, and many more tools for cheap. This is how I was able to find tons of keywords easily!

Offline I:

  • Struggled with juggling all of the things that come with being a college student.
    • Such as tons of homework.
    • FOMO aka fear of missing out. No matter what you’re doing, you’re always missing out on something awesome.
  • Realized that I do enjoy programming and computer science. 


Most of these goals are Amazon affiliate focused as I decided to focus on one thing instead of stretching myself too thin.

  • Finalize and publish 30 half-done posts on WHQ. SUCCEEDED I reviewed and published exactly 30 posts. I currently have 21 posts sitting in drafts so I gotta get on that this month.
  • Write at least 10 posts myself by October 15th on WHQFAILED When I say I failed this I mean that I haven’t written a single word except for when I edited my VA’s writing. I don’t have any time to write now though because of school so I’m okay with that.
  • Teach my VA basic outreach and SEO strategies and start them after October 15th. FAILED I decided that it’s more important to publish content targeting low-competition keywords so I have more content up by Black Friday and Christmas. Instead I bought a couple of Web 2.0s, and while they won’t give me a huge boost, it should still give me a bit. 
  • Figure out which posts I can rank before Black Friday/Christmas, which posts I should wait on, and whether there are any holiday specific posts I should do. SUCCEEDED I found the lowest competition/highest value search terms and now I have my VA writing Top X product posts for that. 

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September 2016 Income Reports and Plans

onlinemoneyz-september-income-reportThis is my 19th income report for this blog.

Every month I publish a post like this showing:

  • how much money I made
  • what I worked on
  • and what my plans are for the future.

These reports will help me keep myself accountable, and hopefully I can help you figure out how you can make money online.

What I Did in September

I already covered a part of September in my last income report so I’ll just do a quick recap of that:

As you can see I’m posting this income report in the middle of September which is 2 weeks later than usual, and that’s because August was an incredibly busy month for me.

I moved all the way accross the country with my parents, and then moved back nearly to the same place two weeks later for college.

I had a surprising amount of time to work on my online businesses during that time as I had nothing else to do in between unpacking and moving out.

Online I:

  • Hired my first full-time VA.
  • Bought PBN links for my BNT site.
  • Found 50 low-medium competition buyer keywords for WHQ that add up to about 130,000 searches per month.- I should be able to rank a couple of them before the holiday season, and the rest will just get ranked later on.
  • Bought $260 worth of keywords when I couldn’t do research myself.

Offline I:

  • Started a new polyphasic sleep experiment.
  • Moved to Lousiana with my parents.
  • Moved back to Michigan for college and started my college career!
  • Survived my first month of college!


I’m currently focusing on Amazon Affiliate, and while I didn’t technically accomplish all of my goals in August, my VA helped me accomplish all of them and more in September so that counts, right?

  • Teach my VA my whole image editing, uploading, and posting process. SUCCEEDED!
  • Publish at least 15 of the posts that are in my backlog. FAILED I reviewed my VA’s writing for more than 15 posts, but I only recently taught her how to deal with the images and links so she’s working on that now. Once that’s done I’ll have 10-20 articles ready to go right now!
  • Get a couple of Web 2.0s and other weak links pointing to WHQ in order to slowly start building momentum. FAILED I’m currently looking to have a couple Web 2.0s built for me, but I didn’t get any links this month.

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