Amazon Affiliate $50 to $600 Month 1

$50 to $600 Per Month Using Amazon Affiliate Month 1 (Experiment)

I will not be showing the URLs and keywords of any of my projects except for the keywords of my very first Amazon Affiliate site because you can already find them in this post.

It was a difficult decision, but I decided that it’s best for my sites for now as this prevents anyone from doing negative SEO to my site and allows me to focus on improving my sites without having to deal with the neg SEO problems.

Because of this I decided to name my sites so it’s easier for you to follow along and focus on what I’m doing for each site.

Here are the names with brief descriptions:

  • Best Track SpikesThis is the site found in this post. I’m showing everything I can with this site.
  • BABI created this site back in May and it’s been fairly successful up to this point. The products are fairly low value, but it’s my biggest site right now and it increases my Amazon percentages a lot.
  • MPC I also created this site back in May and it’s also been fairly successful. The products are even cheaper than on BAB, but I sell at least 30-40 per month.
  • BFSTThis is one of the 3 smaller sites that I created about a month ago. Fairly cheap/average products.
  • BFSCAnother smaller site that I created a month ago. Fairly cheap products.
  • BBCAnd yet another smaller site that I created a month ago. The products on this site are the most expensive so I’ll focus on getting this site higher in the SERPs soon.
  • BNTI haven’t started working on this site yet. I bought a domain, but I haven’t done anything else.
  • Tester ReviewsThis will be a community review Amazon site that reviews products that you can get for free in exchange for a review on Amazon. I just started setting it up, but I already have 12+ people that are willing to write for the site so I want to get it up and running ASAP.
  • BSHI got an idea for this site on July 29th, but haven’t started it yet.

If you don’t want the detailed day-by-day information click here to go to the TL;DR section for a quick summary of the month.




July Income

End Of Month Income

Best Track Spikes

BestTrackSpikes Starting Rankings

Best Track Spikes End Of August Ranking


BAB Starting Rankings

BAB End Of August Rankings


MPC Starting Rankings

MPC End Of August Rankings


BFST Starting Rankings

BFST End Of August Rankings


BFSC Starting Rankings

BFSC End Of August Ranking


BBC Starting Rankings

BBC End Of August Rankings


Haven’t started yet.

BNT End Of August Rankings

Tester Reviews

The WordPress site is partially set up.

Set up the site and added 4 articles. I had 10 people sign up, but none of them posted anything yet.


Got an idea on July 29th.

Decided against creating the site as I didn’t have any money and competition was fairly high. It’s a good niche, but not for a 6 month challenge.

Daily Updates

Some of these updates are very long so once again CLICK HERE to go to the TL;DR part of this post for a summary.

July 25th
I checked my rankings and realized that the main page on BBC wasn’t ranking for the keywords and the terms of service page was ranking instead.

This means that that page is overoptimized so I spent some time decreasing the keyword density and de-indexing the author pages, tag pages, and category pages as they can cause duplicate content issues on WordPress sites.

Since I was already doing that I went through and de-indexed those pages on BAB, BFST and BFSC just in case.

The homepage on BFST also had some problems ranking so I decreased the keyword density to see if that was the problem.

It usually takes Google around 2-4 days to look over my pages and rank/de-rank them if they change so I’m hoping that those penalized pages will show up in the SERPs.

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July 26th
I created a blog and added one article to BFSC. The article is around 600 words long and links to the homepage at the beginning of it and a couple of authority sites in the niche in the middle.

I’ve found that creating a couple articles that link to the homepage/money-page is a good way to increase the rankings of that page by a couple spots.

Plus I’m a firm believer in the fact that a niche website with more content (that’s relevant to the niche) will rank higher than the same niche website with less content.

I also added breadcrumbs to BAB and BFSC and changed up some of the header colors on BAB.

July 27th
I checked the rankings in the morning and it looks like the homepage of BBC hasn’t updated yet or it’s still considered over-optimized by Google.

I’ll wait for a week and see if it actually starts ranking and if it doesn’t I’ll do adjust the homepage even more.

I was going to add a couple more articles to BBC, but all of my sites were down because BlueHost was having server issues so I decided to create a couple of Web 2.0s. (BlueHost fixed the problem in less than 15 minutes which once again shows why they’re my favorite host to use.)

I started a GSA blast to one of my Web 2.0s that I created a couple weeks ago pointing to BAB, and I checked the links that my other Web 2.0s received.

Apparently GSA was setup improperly so I only sent around 10 links to each of the sites while GSA said that they received 1000+.

I tweaked some of the settings in a way that I hope will increase the number of links that stick. I know I need new emails for GSA as I’ve been using the same ones for quite a while, but right now I have only $5 on my PayPal account so I can’t buy any new emails yet. (I do have 10 private proxies though which makes GSA go much faster.)

I ordered two logos from my favorite designed on Fiverr for the BNT and the Tester Reviews site.

I’m hoping that both sites will be live within a couple weeks.

July 28th
Yesterday before falling asleep I was thinking about the fact that my sites take around 3 months to start bringing in any income and I realized something.

If my goal is to get to $600 within 6 months then I should only build new sites up until the 3 month mark as otherwise they will not bring in any money until after the 6 months are up.

However, I also want most of my sites to get the November/December shopping bonus for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping so that means that I should have all of my sites done and published by the end of August.

I was at the pool for most of the day today, but as soon as I got home I wanted to work on my sites.

My Fiverr guy delivered both of the logos. One of them is perfect and another one I had to edit myself a bit, but otherwise they work well.

I went through all of my sites and quickly looked at their backlinks to make sure there was no neg SEO done on them. (I do this once a month or so.)

I worked on setting up my Tester Reviews site. It’s going to be my biggest site and it will have community written content so I really need to figure out all the navigation and content details before I can launch it.

I also set up the basic theme and plugins for BNT.

I worked on the sites for about 2 hours deciding how I want to set up everything and I’m fairly happy with what I have. I think the site will go live in a week if everything works the way I want it to.

I decided that tomorrow will be dedicated to niche research.

I already have a couple site ideas, but I want to see if I can find at least 3 good keywords/niches so I can have a total of 10 smaller Amazon Affiliate site and 1 big site. (Tester Reviews)

Ideally I’ll find a couple of golden keywords tomorrow and finish the sites within the next month.

July 29th
The home-page of BBC still wasn’t ranking today so I decided to check my Webmaster Tools.

Apparently only 3 of the pages/posts are indexed so that’s the reason why it wasn’t ranking and not because it was over-optimized.

I did some research and found a great niche with products in the $80-$200 range. The total searches per month for the main keyword+ 4 other “best of” keywords is around 10K per month, and that’s not counting the non-money articles that I will put on the site.

The site name will be BSH. I think that this is a real winner here so I stopped all keyword research at this point and gave myself some time to rest.

I also worked on Tester Reviews for a couple hours.

July 30th
I worked on Tester Reviews for about 5 hours.

I added one video+text review, added content to some of the pages on the site, added a couple plugins and registered with a different email as a new user just to see how it looks.

I still need to create a couple of video tutorials and change up the design of the site because as of right now I’m not a huge fan of it.

I had a crazy productive day today as I also fully setup BNT, wrote all the content for the homepage, submitted it to Google Webmasters and Analytics, and wrote one big review.

If I only focus on working on these sites every day I can probably churn out one full site every 2 days.

However at this point I don’t have enough money for new domains or new hosting that I’d need to get so I’ll just focus on the domains and sites I already have and simply build them out.

July 31st
I did some more keyword research for BNT and realized that there are at least 4 more keywords with around 100 searches per month each for really high priced items ($2,000+) and they look like very easy keywords to rank for so even if I sell 1 of these items per month that’s around $100 in commission!

I added one big review article and changed up the homepage a bit.

I know that this site won’t rank for at least 2-3 months, but once it does rank I expect it to be a real money-maker.

I also realized that I didn’t have a custom Favicon for BNT so I quickly made one.

August 1st
It was a great idea for me to start this journey as writing everything I’m doing keeps me motivated.

I’m exhausted and don’t feel like working, but the thought of not writing anything for today’s post pushed me to work on my sites for a couple hours.

I contacted Amazon support and asked them whether I have to use the “Buy from Amazon” buttons provided by them as I find them to be quite ugly and whether I’m allowed to add any sort of pricing info into my product reviews.

They said that you can use Amazon trademarks and logos when creating your own buttons, but only if it complies with their API License Agreement and the Trademark Guidelines.

Also apparently you’re not allowed to make any mentions of the price in your reviews. (Products under $xx, price varies between $x-$xx, or anything of that = BAD)

I had to go through all of the pages on all of my sites and remove the pricing info on some of the pages.

I’m also considering adding the “Buy on Amazon” buttons to BAB to increase my clickthrough rate, but I’m not getting enough visitors per month to be able to test the conversion rate quickly enough.

August 2nd
Checked out my rankings and I’m glad to see that other pages are ranking for BBC.

I really shouldn’t be paying this much attention to the daily rankings as it will take at least a month until my sites get out of the sandbox, but it’s incredibly addicting.

I added one more supporting article to BAB. I’m not extremely interested in the topic of the site, but it’s my biggest site so far and I might try to get it to 100 quality articles to make it sort-of an authority site.

August 3rd
BBC is slowly getting indexed and now my blog page is actually ranking. Hopefully my hope page will get indexed soon as that’s the page I want to rank.

BFST is ranking fairly well with 4 of the good keywords in the top 20 about a month after the site went live.

BFSC however has fairly bad rankings, but it’s been up for less than a month so I don’t want to get impatient. Thankfully the homepage is actually ranking for this site!

I really need to be more patient and grow these sites to at least 10-15 pages each and then just wait.

After each site is 4-6 weeks old I’ll do some simple blog comments and create a couple web 2.0s and let them age. I’ll add the links to my site on the Web 2.0s 6-8 weeks after my site goes live. It depends on the rankings at the time.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of turning one of my sites into an authority site or creating a new big site, but it’d have to be in a niche that I’m interested in.

I might create a “competitor” site to Best Track Spikes except a bit more general as then I could have both sites ranking for the same keywords so the chance that my site will be clicked on is higher.

However if I start a completely new authority site now it won’t bring in much for at least 4-6 months which is bad for this journey.

I also researched the niche for BSH a little more and I realized that I’ll have to write a lot to get the site to rank in the top 10 and that might not be worth the time investment.

I worked on my Tester Reviews site and I’m fairly happy with how it looks.

I just need to add a couple more reviews to it to make it more appealing for other reviewers to join and create a couple of tutorial videos for those who don’t have as much experience with WordPress.

August 4th
I posted another review on Tester Reviews and found another person who would interested in writing for the site.

I’m supposed to receive two $150+ products tomorrow that I paid $8 for. I’m going to review both of them ASAP, post the reviews on the site, and then I will message the people who expressed interest in posting their reviews on the site.

I’ll need to create a couple of videos showing how to work with the WordPress backend and how to write proper reviews and create a “review guidelines” page before I let other people write for my site, but it’s going pretty well right now.

August 5th
I added 2 reviews to Tester Reviews and also added the site to my Google Analytics and Webmasters account.

August 6th/7th
I created 4 tutorial videos for Tester Reviews and finally launched the site.

6 people registered so far, but only one person wrote a review so far, but hasn’t posted it.

If you guys are interested in the site, you can check it out here!

August 8th
My sites are slowly ranking and so far in 8 days of August I got $40 which is pretty cool. I’m on pace for a $100 month!

August 9th
I’ve been incredibly unproductive and I don’t like it. The easiest part for me is finding new niches and setting up the site until it reaches around 10 pages, but after that I don’t love writing content.

I can’t outsource it for now so I’ll just try to keep working and add on some more articles to the sites tomorrow.

August 10th
I wrote a blog post for BBC.

This isn’t necessarily Affiliate related, but I wrote a quick review for everything I’ve ordered on Amazon for the past year to get my ranking up in hopes of getting some cool items to review for free.

August 11th
I slacked.

August 12th
Someone purchased a $700 camera and a bunch of accessories for it so I made around $50 in commission in a day. Wish people bought something like this every day!

The funny thing is that none of my sites are at all related to cameras so this is just a lucky unrelated purchase.

This shows me the potential of my BNT site because the pricing is fairly similar ($1K+) so I’ll get around $40-$60 per sale.

Even two sales per month will bring me $120 and the keywords have around 1000-3000 searches in total and my site is already ranking in the top 30 2 weeks after I created it so getting into the top 10 should be easy.

August 13th/14th
My sites have been doing really well (I hit $100 during the first half of August) but I’ve been slacking.

I know that if I put in the work now and write a couple posts targeting New Years/Black Friday shopping my sites will do quite well, but I just can’t find the motivation to do it.

I also want to create a couple of Web 2.0s as my rankings are fairly good, but if I can get a couple more keywords into the top 3 it’ll increase my CTR by a lot.

August 15th
I worked on my other sites so I didn’t accomplish anything AA related.

August 16th-26th
Unplanned out of town trip. I’m unable to work as I don’t have my laptop (I’m writing this from my phone), but I’m planning out a couple of things in my head and on paper so I know what to do when I get back.

Oh yeah, I hit $150 for the month on the 18th!

August 19th
I was able to get access to a computer for around 2 hours today and I spent the whole time changing the Amazon links on BAB to links with a new tracking ID specific to the site.

As you might know BAB is the third Amazon Affiliate site I created and I used the same tracking ID for all of them (which is idiotic) as you can’t tell where the money is coming from and if you decide to sell the site down the road you can’t show how much money it’s making per month.

I’m thinking about selling the site after next May, but even if I don’t it’s always nice to know how much money is coming from each site.

August 27th
My sites have been steadily earning without me doing anything, but I still need to put in a lot of work if I want to get to the $600 per month goal.

I went through and thought of at least 2 post ideas for all of my sites.

The more content I have the easier it is to rank for random long-tails and the easier it is for Google to figure out what my site is about.

I also decided that I will try to turn BAB into an “authority site” which basically means that I should get to at least 100 articles total and become the go-to site with the most updated content in the niche.

I’m also considering creating another site like Best Track Spikes but in a more general niche.

I enjoy writing about running and exercise in general, and if 2 of my websites rank for “best sprinter spikes” and other keywords then my chances of getting an Amazon sale increase greatly.

August 28th
I spent an hour watching 2 copywriting videos by Chris Haddad and taking notes.

Here they are:

Also BBC had its first sale!

This site was created a couple weeks after BFST and BFSC but the keywords are easier so this should be a fairly high earner in 1-2 months.

I added 1 post to MPC and 1 post to BFSC.

I realized that one of the reasons for why I didn’t work on this project was because I didn’t have defined goals for the month.

After I thought about the 2 post ideas for each site I’ve been working more because I actually know what I need to do.

Next month I will start off by writing out a couple of big goals for the month so I know what I should be working towards.

August 29th
I posted a couple comments on related blogs for BFST and BFSC.

They still have to be approved, but I actually read the articles and my comments were relevant so I don’t see any reason for them to be rejected.

The goal of these is to at least get some sort of links pointing to my site so Google indexes my site a bit faster.

One problem that I have right now is that the impressions and clicks for BAB fell while the rankings stayed the same. It’s in a school-related niche so maybe people are taking a break from it until school actually starts, but if my numbers are still low in 2 weeks I’ll have to do something.


I’m pissed.

A couple days ago I removed all my blog related images from my Google+ profile because I don’t want people seeing them if they randomly visit it.

What I didn’t know is that by deleting your images there you delete the images EVERYWHERE.

90% of images on my blogger blogs are gone and instead there is a gray “stop sign” in their place.


It’s going to take me at least 20 hours of work to reupload and insert all of the images in their right spot, which is not something that I expected that I’d have to do.

August 30th
Added an article to Best Track Spikes which is something I haven’t done in a while.

If I can get into the top 10 for a majority of the track-related keywords then the next March/April are going to be quite lucrative for me.

I also enjoy writing about running so I could probably turn this into a small authority site if I wanted to.

My only issue with it is the fact that it’s on Blogger so managing many posts is a bit of a pain, but I think I could get it up to 40-50 posts without any problems.

August 31st
Finished this post and started my post for the second month.

Finishing this post was surprisingly a lot of work…


Here are the most important things that happened during the month of August!
Things Done:

  • Went from $65 to $280 per month.
  • Created one new site with expensive products on it. (The cheapest one costs $500 and the most expensive is $20,000)
  • De-indexed the author and tag pages on all my sites and decreased the keyword density in my articles to avoid over-optimization.
  • Contacted Amazon and learned that you can’t mention price in your reviews at all unless you pull it directly using their API.
  • Apparently if you delete your albums on Google+, the images get deleted from your blog. I had to spend 4 hours re-uploading the images to my 3 Blogger blogs after “cleaning up” my G+ profile.
  • Added a separate tracking ID to all links on BAB so I have the income information if I want to sell the site later on.

Things Realized/Thought About:

  • I realized that I need to set goals and spend an hour or so at the beginning of the month writing out post ideas. When you know what your options are when you sit down to work on your site, actually working on it is much easier.
  • I got an idea for a new site (BSH) and scrapped it because it’s too competitive to start earning a lot within 6 months.
  • I thought about creating a site in a similar niche to Best Track Spikes as I have a lot of interest in fitness niches and having 2 sites in Google for spikes related keywords would be double the money for me.
  • I decided that I want to make BAB a mini-authority site because it still has a lot of potential and it’s in a niche where I can monetize it using other affiliate programs.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions I’d be glad to answer them in the comments below!

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April Income Report

July 2015 Income Report And Plans

July was a good month for me.

I found 3 new ways to make money online, started my new Amazon Affiliate project, and got a couple of new money-making ideas.

Plans For August

August is going to be an incredibly busy month for me because the Cross Country season officially starts and I’ll have to start applying to colleges and writing essays which is killer.

I hope that I can spend at least an hour a day working on my Amazon sites and publishing content on this site because otherwise I won’t reach my goal of $600 per month with Amazon in 6 months.

My income goal is to break $300 total in August, and hopefully get to $400 in September as that would mean that I’m right on pace with my Amazon sites, but we’ll see.

I also found a new great way to make money (new to me), and it allows me to make around $30-$60 per hour in short 15 minute bursts around once a day so that can add on around $300 bucks per month if there is enough work to do.

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $105 A fairly average month for me. I didn’t take as many tests as I had access to because I just didn’t feel like it.
  • PerkTV– $45 This month it’s $5 than last month because I’m starting to get Amazon gift cards again instead of BTC. Next month this will probably be around $50.
  • G2A– $3.63 No work, passive income.
  • AdSense- $12.57 These earnings are from June which was my highest month yet. Sadly my YouTube account got banned so this will slowly dwindle down to around $4-$5 per month tops.
  • Amazon Affiliate- $64.03 Another record Amazon month. Considering that I just started another Amazon Journey I wouldn’t be surprised if I break $100 in August.
  • Bitcoins- $3.22 I found another passive BTC site which added on to my earnings from A-Ads.
  • Referral- $29.5 Seems like FreeEats is still paying out for people registering under me. Pretty nice passive income!
  • Market Samurai Affiliate– $6.42 Someone purchased Market Samurai after visiting one of my affiliate links.
  • Total- $269.37 I thought it would be smaller than last month, but it seems that I’m not that far behind! I’m sure that I can break the $300 barrier in August, and I’m excited to see what the future holds!

1-Year Income Report

1 Year Income Report And Plans

I bought the OnlineMoneyz domain on July 27th exactly 1 year ago and I think it’s time to look back at what my goals and ideas were for the site back then and what my goals are now.

You can scroll past the My Plans section if you’re only interested in the income report or my future plans for the site. (Keep in mind I only started creating income reports starting in March, but I kept some information about my income starting in January so most of my income is from the last 6 months and not a year.)

My First Plans

My main reason for creating this website was because I was a Swagbucks member for over a year and I didn’t know that other sites about making money online existed (or that /r/Beermoney existed) so I decided that it would be a great idea to be the first person ever to create a website about making money online.

I never did any research. I didn’t know what SEO was, let alone how I should do SEO, and I didn’t think that I was getting into a competitive niche.

What was I thinking?!?

As most of my readers know the “make money online” niche is one of the most competitive ones online on par with weight-loss and gambling.

However I didn’t give up and this website introduced me to the world of SEO, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and many other wonderful things.

I’m not an expert on any of those topics, but I know enough to be able to rank Amazon Affiliate websites in low-medium competition niches and I know where to go if I need an answer to a question about SEO or other topics.

I’ve learned so much in the past year and I’ve finally found the things that I truly enjoy doing at this point in my life right now.

Now let’s talk about how much money I’ve made in the past year!

Last Year’s Income

I didn’t start keeping track of my income until January 2015, but you don’t lose much information as before then I was spending most of my time learning about different ways to make money online and figuring out what I want to do.

  • UserTesting- $591 As you can see this was my main source of income. I’m slowly trying to move away from UserTesting towards more passive methods, but the extra $100 per month goes a long way towards developing new sites so I’ll take it! All of the income is January or later
  • PerkTV- $195 Pretty darn good for a $50 investment! This number could be higher but I use Perk Points to buy Bitcoin which is more expensive.
    If I only got Amazon GCs this could be around $250 I think, but I needed BTC to invest in PaidVerts and other sites.
  • G2A- 21.57 This is all from one blog post I published in November on one of my other sites. No other work required. It ain’t a lot, but I’ll take it!
  • AdSense- $70.26 My monthly Adsense earnings have been steadily increasing since I started my OnlineMoneyz YouTube channel a couple months ago. I stopped posting videos on my gaming channel as I wanted to focus on other things, but that was recently enough to where it didn’t affect my earnings. My OnlineMoneyz channel is also way more lucrative than the gaming channel. 5x the CPM Sadly my YouTube channel got banned so I had to move to DailyMotion.
  • Amazon- $105.32 I created my first Amazon Affiliate site in February. You can read the case study here.
    It made me around $50 even though it was a bad time for the niche I was in, but I decided to create a couple more sites to diversify my niches. I currently have 2 more sites that are starting to make some passive dough for me and 3 more that are still in the process of being ranked on Google. I’ve noticed that it takes 1-3 months for the rankings to get to the point where you either start seeing a profit or you need to give the site a little Web 2.0 boost to go higher.
  • Bitcoins- $9.38 This comes from referrals on a couple of BTC sites and also Anonymous ads which I use to advertise one of my blogs. It’s a tiny amount, but I like the fact that it’s in BTC.
  • Other- 58.22 This includes the Enroll App, Opinion Rewards App, innoPoll and Lucktastic.
  • Referral- $117.25 This is referral money from FreeEats and MXWRK. It’s not exact, but it’s fairly close.
  • Forgotten Income- $50 ish? This is the money that I earned through Swagbucks and other sites for the first 6 months that this site was live. I’m not exactly sure of the number, but $50 should be a fair number.
  • Total- $1168.00 After adding it up the number is surprisingly bigger than what I thought it was. I’m very excited to see what the next year brings as now I actually know what I’m doing and my monthly income is never less than $100 at this point.

Plans For Next Year

I’m going to keep working on sites like UserTesting and others to make money that I can use to reinvest into my future projects, but my goals are much bigger than what I’m making now.

Amazon Affiliate Plans

At this point I have 6 Amazon Affiliate sites total.

Only 3 of them are making me any money right now, but the other 3 are very new and I don’t expect them to make me money for at least 2 months.

I have 2 problems with my current Amazon situation:

  1. 4/6 of my sites target smaller products with a fairly small commission.
    1 site targets products $200+ and the other targets products from $40-$200.
    The small sales are helping me increase my Amazon commission, but without big sales that number is useless.
  2. Most of my sites are fairly small. This isn’t a problem in itself as long as they’re making money and providing helpful content, but since they’re very targeted keywords it’s nearly impossible to grow it into an authority site.
    I have a site with around 45 pages of content and I was going to say that I wasn’t sure how else I could monetize it and increase the number of articles on the site except for fairly small Amazon commissions. (The items are small)
    However I thought of the perfect CPA Affiliate program I could add to the site that would both bring my site visitors very useful content that they’re already looking for and make me some additional cash. Win Win!

The rest of my sites are pretty small though, so I want to either create a site that targets high value/high commission Amazon products. ($800+)

Or build an authority site that will be monetized through Amazon and other means, but once again I would like to target higher value products as I’m tired of seeing the $.02 commissions from Amazon coming in. 🙂

The niche and keyword research will be a little tough, but I’m confident that I can find a good niche if I keep on looking.

PaidVerts/MTV Plans

I’m getting between 3-10 people to sign up under me on PaidVerts without any work at all so sooner or later I might get a “big fish” to sign up under me.

My total ref commissions are around $150 right now, but with the sites getting a new admin everything is looking up and I think it will be more attractive to investors than ever.

If I can get one person to join who will invest $1000 and reinvest 1/3 of his earnings to stay in the same BAP group, I’ll be making a pretty solid $100+ per month! I’d say that’s pretty good!

I’m also doing some day-trading on MTV and clicking ads on PV, but the daily profit isn’t very high right now for me.

Other Site Plans

I’m working on 2 big projects right now that have the potential to bring me a lot of money, but they could also crash and burn spectacularly.

I’ll tell you more about it when they become successful or when they burn.

I also have 3 Twitter accounts and 1 Instagram account at the moment that I’m growing, and I’m probably going to add 3-5 more Twitter accounts to the mix.

If I can get to 30,000+ followers on Twitter that could be absolutely HUGE for one of my big projects. (This project will be launching sometime during this September or October and you won’t miss it because I’m going to launch it with a bang!)

OnlineMoneyz Plans

My goal for this site is to have another big journey like my Amazon one where I’ll show you all of the successes and problems I have while working on the sites.

I love those kinds of posts (I read way too many on them on different forums) and I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt the same way.

I also want to post a little bit more often as it seems that most of my posts are income reports, but I’ve been working on many projects without posting about them on here because either they’re just small tests I’m running or I don’t feel like sharing my secrets yet. 😉

Either way I hope you find whatever I have to post useful.

I also added a couple more programs to my Internet Marketer Toolkit and I’ll be sharing links to them and more information about them in a later post.

For now, thank you for reading and if you have any questions or suggestions please comment below!

April Income Report

June 2015 Income Report And Plans

June was a big month for me both numbers wise and ideas wise.

I broke $200 and almost got to $300, my Amazon Affiliate sales are improving, and the best part is that I spent less time on this than I did last month!

I also started working on 2 projects that have huge profit potential, but I’m not ready to talk about them yet, but keep an eye out for that in my newsletter and blog posts as it will also give you an opportunity to make money!

I created one more Amazon Affiliate site and researched keywords and bought a domain for 2 more, but I got burned out and moved on to other projects for now.

I also created a couple of Web 2.0s pointing to some of my sites. (8 total)

I know it’s a small number, but I’d rather take it slow and steady vs going a bit too fast and making it look unnatural to Google.

I’ll blast these 2.0s after 2-4 weeks and after 2-3 months I should start seeing some results!

Plans For July

My biggest goal for July is to launch one of the big projects that I have been working on.

It won’t make me money in the beginning, but it should be a long-term money-maker within half a year or so.

I also want to work on another project, but I still have to work out the logistics of it as it will require accepting large sums of money ($50,000+) and PayPal won’t work with that so I might have to work until I’m actually 18 and open a bank account.

Either way, I think July will bring the same amount of money as June, if not more.

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $160 (My best month yet by far! I was able to take more tests as I’m at the computer more often, but this will stop when school starts so I need to diversify more.)
  • PerkTV– $40 (Same as always!)
  • G2A– $.94 (Very low month for G2A, but I’ll take it for not doing anything.)
  • AdSense- $10.07 (I’m getting more subscribers on my OnlineMoneyz channel and I received more views on my gaming channel also.)
  • Amazon Affiliate- $47.13 (I narrowly broke last month’s income, but I’m very happy with this month because it was a steady stream of orders every day vs just one lucky huge order. I also added 1 site and I’m planning on adding 2 more, but they won’t make any money yet.)
  • Bitcoins- $1 (Some money from a-ads that I use on one of my Web 2.0 properties)
  • Google’s Opinion Rewards- $1.22 (Another app that I got that gives me incredibly short surveys. I took 3 surveys for a total of less than 3 minutes and got $1.22 worth of Google Play credit. Not bad.)
  • Other- $17 (Referral money from FreeEats and MXWRK)
  • Total- $277.36 (This is my highest month yet! What’s impressive to me is the fact that I spend a lot of time working on 2 big projects that have very high profit potential and I didn’t spend that much time on this, but my income still went up.)

April Income Report

May 2015 Income Report And Plans

This month was another busy month for me, but I managed to narrowly beat my last month’s profits.

I bought 2 more $10 phones to add to my Perk farm (bringing the total number to 5) and this should increase my monthly income by around $20-$30.

This month was also a great month for my Amazon Affiliate site, and July is a peak month for a different Amazon Affiliate site that I have, so hopefully the summer income from Amazon Affiliate sites won’t drop too much.

My UserTesting income was quite low, but I already have $55 of income for the month of June (From tests taken May 25th and later as I count the money for UserTesting by payout date) so June should be a pretty solid month once again.

Plans For June

I will finally have enough time to work on all of my Affiliate sites, and I plan on adding more content to them and starting link building with the goal of getting them to the top 3 of Google for the big keywords.

I will also work on getting this site to rank higher in the SERPs, and I have been day-trading on PaidVerts and once June 10th comes I might cash out some of my shares and put the money into Poker Automatics to see if they really pay.

My Bitcoin income will also be much higher for June as I will stop investing into and I will start cashing out.

Income Report

  • UserTesting- $75 (This month was quite low, but it’s still nice for a couple hours of work)
  • PerkTV– $40 (I added 2 more phones to my Perk farm halfway through the month, so next month this should be around $60.)
  • G2A– $3.14 (Completely passive. Fairly low, but it adds up.)
  • AdSense- $8.92 (My OnlineMoneyz YouTube channel is adding to my gaming channel income which is quite nice.)
  • Amazon Affiliate- $46.28 (My highest month so far! I’m excited to see what my income will be like in March of next year.)
  • Bitcoins- $1 (Some money from a-ads that I use on one of my Web 2.0 properties)
  • innoPoll- $2 (I didn’t qualify for 2 tests and they sent me $2 as a “sorry” payment.)
  • Other- $10.25 (Referral money from FreeEats)
  • Total- $186.59 (Another small increase in my overall income, but I’m very happy with my Amazon income, and if my UserTesting income stayed at the $100+ level, I would have broken $200!)


My First Amazon Affiliate Site Attempt 2015

Amazon Affiliate sites are famous for being easy to create and maintain.First-Amazon-Affiliate-Site-Attempt

However, can they still be profitable in 2015?

I decided to answer that question myself.

I will show you all of my:

  • Keywords
  • Articles
  • And everything else.

I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use my exact keywords to try and outrank me as it would cut into both of our profits, but if you want to do that I can’t really stop you, can I?

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Here’s how this post is structured:

What I Learned

Before we start, here are some of the things I learned in the 4 months that my site has been live for.

  • This takes a lot of work and it isn’t for everyone.
  • Your site might not earn any money at all.
  • If you don’t enjoy any part of making websites, don’t do it.
  • If you plan on making your site bigger use WordPress. (Blogger works fine for smaller sites with less than 20 or 30 pages, but if you’re creating a bigger affiliate site then Worspress works much better. Also with WordPress you don’t have to worry about getting your blog deleted by Google which is a possibility when using Blogger. If you use WordPress, I recommend using BlueHost as your hosting provider.)
  • If you do proper keyword research (long tail, buying keywords) and create high quality pages you will barely have to do any link building. (I’m currently in the top 10 for 9 keywords and my SERPs are steadily increasing with only 1 link built to the site.)
  • However, they take a long time to rank, so if your niche is seasonal, you should create the site at least 2 months before the peak purchases time. (I created my site only a month before the peak time, so my rankings weren’t as great as they could have been)
  • Make sure your site is mobile optimized. (My first 2 sales came from a smartphone, and with the new Google Update if your site isn’t mobile optimized you’ll lose out on valuable traffic)
  • The best way to learn is by doing. (I encountered multiple difficulties after my site went live that I did not read about, and creating one site made creating a couple more, much easier).
  • It’s possible to make money by picking seasonal keywords instead of evergreen ones, as long as you start on the website at least 3 months before the season.

The Tools I Used

I decided to use Blogger for my journey as it’s completely free, I have a lot of experience with it, and it’s easier to follow along for people who don’t have the money to spend on hosting.

However if I do another case-study, I will be using and not Blogger.

I bought the domain through GoDaddy using one of their constant promotions for $4. (They always have 99 cent coupons for the first year for almost all domains, but I also bought privacy protection which was extra)

I love Market Samurai for keyword research, and they have a 7 day free trial on their website, so you can read what I did and use it before the trial runs out.

I did not outsource my writing as I don’t have the money to spend on quality writing and I didn’t want to waste money for crappy writing that I would have to rewrite anyway.

My Keyword And Product Research Rules

I created the following set of “rules” for myself when reading other people’s posts about Amazon niches.

Doing keyword and product research is incredibly important for Amazon sites so I didn’t want to go wrong here.

I wanted a niche that:

  • Had some big products I could promote. ($100+)
  • Had some small accessories I could promote. (<$10)
  • Had many products on Amazon. (There’s no point in creating an Amazon Affiliate site if there are only a couple products from Amazon that you can sell)
  • Had fairly low competition
  • Is something that people would think about researching before buying, or something that people will want to find a good deal for. (Most people aren’t going to Google “best pencils 2015”, but they might Google “best calculators 2015”. It’s all about research)

After finding a couple possible niches and writing down possible keywords, I fired up Market Samurai and checked the SEO competition for the keywords I chose.

In this case I decided my keywords were fine if the top 10 sites:

  • Didn’t have Exact Match Domains for the keyword. (EX: for the keyword “best calculators 2015”)
  • Didn’t have exact match titles, decriptions, or headers.
  • Didn’t have a high Trust Flow (If most of it is below 10, it’s fine)
  • Had less than 10 backlinks to the specific page the content is on.
  • Had 0 .edu and .gov backlinks. (If they have some, that’s fine, but if they have more than 10, I ran the other way)

My main keyword was best track spikes, and the niche had a couple of products in the $100-$200 range, and a ton of products in the lower range.

I was also knowledgeable on the topic and actually interested in it, so I decided that writing articles wouldn’t be that hard.

My Keyword Research Process

I inserted a couple of keywords into Market Samurai and then I generated some long tail keywords by going to keyword research, putting the phrase length 4-10, and clicking on generate keywords.

Some of the keywords might not make sense, but I usually don’t throw them out as they might have a high number of searches per month.

market samurai keyword generation Amazon Affiliate

I only want longer phrases between 4 and 10 words.

After that, I went to Keyword Analysis and changed the period to monthly to sort the keywords in order from the most searches to least searches per month. Keep in mind that Market Samurai likes to make the numbers smaller than they are in reality, so if your keyword only gets 300 searches per month, it might actually get 350-400.

If you’re following along with me, make sure to check Title Comp, URL Comp, and Title & Anchor Comp before moving on to the next step. This is what my Samurai looked like:

market samurai collected keywords

I’m using a monthly period and I have the 3 Majestic Competition things checked.

At this point we have to figure out which keywords are good, which keywords are bad, and whether our main keyword is worth it.

For the main keyword: If it has less than 300 monthly searches, think of another one and repeat the above process. If the MSEOTC is higher than 1000 or the MSEOUC is higher than 1000, I don’t recommend you use the keyword either. Ideally the TAcomp should be lower than 10, but if it’s 30 or less it should still be possible to rank for that keyword.

My keyword passed all of the above test so the next step was checking the rest of my keywords.

If you’re following along at home, click on the plus sign next to Url Comp and Title Comp and put 1000 in both of those boxes. Next click on the plus next to Title and Anchor Comp and put the number 10 in there.

After that I had 57 keywords left. I quickly scanned them one by one, deleting the ones that would not work because they:

  • Were too general
  • Did not relate to the topic of my site
  • Or were apparel instead of shoe/spike related

After that I had a total of 21 keywords I could use to write content for my site, including my main one.

21 articles is more than enough to start out with, but as you go further you might have to do more keyword research.

market samurai final keywords

The MSEOTC and MSEOUC are at 1000 and the Title and Anchor comp is at 10.

I also checked the SEO Competition for the main keyword.

Looking at the table, my chances of ranking might look somewhat bleak because of all the red and yellow, but none of the sites had the keyword in the title, URL, and description.

The trustflow and citation flow was also quite low for most of these sites, so I could’ve ranked easily with a couple of high quality backlinks.

market samurai SEO competition check

I had a fairly good chance of ranking high!

Domain Purchase & Basic Site Creation

For this website I used a blogger blog and a domain from GoDaddy with privacy protection.

My blog name was my main keyword, and even though I bought a custom domain, I made my blogger domain for bonus cookie points.

I chose the Dynamic theme at first, but later on I got a custom theme called Temper and used that instead.

Blogger Blog Creation Amazon Affiliate Site

Originally started with the Dynamic Views template and then switched.

After creating the blog, I connected the domain to it right away. The process is quite long and Google has a couple of good articles on it, but here are the basics:

Go to Settings -> Basic -> Publishing and click on Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog. Enter your domain name and press save. Blogger should give you an error, and will give you 4 fields that you will need to put into the DNS file.

blogger DNS information

The 1 and 2 correspond to the image below.

The www and go into one of the CNAME (Alias) fields, and the random numbers (marked 1 and 2) go into another CNAME (Alias) field.

You also need to put the IP’s found on this page into 4 different @ Host fields.

It should look like this when you’re done:

GoDaddy Blogger DNS Filled settings

What it should look like when you’re all done.

Then you can press Save on GoDaddy, press Save on blogger, and then click on edit on Blogger and check the field that says Redirect to

This should take care of the redirects, but what I also like to do is go to your domain on GoDaddy and create a 301 forward/redirect. That way you’re completely set on the redirects, and you don’t have to worry about it.

GoDaddy Domain Forwarding

GoDaddy Domain Forwarding

After that I added a search description to under Settings -> Search Preferences -> Description.

I also added the Google Analytics tracking ID to Settings -> Other -> Google Analytics, just so I can have more data about the people who visit my site, and what the bounce rate is.

I didn’t add my site to Google Webmasters at this point as I planned on adding it and the sitemap once all of my content was published and ready to be crawled.

I also created a custom Favicon by going to Layout -> Favicon -> Edit, and uploading a 32*32px or 16*16 px image.

Content Creation

This was the longest part of creating the site by far.

At first I wanted to have 20 articles before publishing the site, but I was at around 6 when I published it, and even now I have around 16 or so.

My plan was to write:

  • 6 product reviews (2 cheap, 2 medium price, 2 expensive, 500 words each)
  • 4 category pages (“best nike spikes”, “best middle distance spikes”, etc…, 1000 words each)
  • 6 articles about running (How to increase your sprinting speed, winter track workouts, best track websites list, etc…, 1000-2000 words)
  • 4 articles about spikes in general (choosing the right length, choosing the right shape/what’s the difference between the shapes, how much do spikes help your speed, etc…, 200-1000 words)

However, I ended up making less category pages and more general running articles.

My original plan was to post at least 1-2 articles per month to keep my blog alive, but at this point it’s more like 1 article every 2 months.

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When writing on Blogger there are a couple things that are crucial for on-site SEO.

The first important thing is to go into Post Settings and add a Custom Permalink to your article. Why a custom one? The automatic one cuts off the end of the title if it’s too long, and we want to have our full title in the URL for SEO purposes. Just add on the rest of the title to the permalink with a dash between words.

Custom Permalink Blogger

Custom Blogger Permalink = GOOD

Automatic Permalink Blogger

Automatic Blogger Permalink = BAD

The next important thing is writing a custom Search Description for every single article that goes up.

The search description should contain possible search keywords, but its main focus should be drawing in the user and making them click your link when it appears in a search.

I also created Labels to make sorting through my content easier.

For Off-Site SEO I created a Facebook page, and posted a link to my article on it every time I published something. I didn’t do any link-building except for one blog post, and I created one Web 2.0 blog, but Google Webmaster Tools still haven’t registered the backlink from my Web 2.0, and my rankings are improving without it anyway.

My original plan was to have a Web 2.0 article for each post on my site, and then to build trash backlinks to the Web 2.0s using GSA, which is still something I might do later on.

Don’t forget that this is a long term strategy! You can spam your money site with backlinks right away, but then the chances of getting penalized by Google are very high.

Pre-Launch Work

I started my journey on February 1st and my goal was to start posting articles before February 21st, and even though I had a couple of setbacks I was able to finish almost right on time!

High school track starts in the middle of March and I looked at search trends on Google and noticed that they are highest in March/April and they fell to nearly 0 in June and July.

Week 1 Pre-Launch (February 8th)

I only had 1.5 articles done with 2 more ideas.

One was about winter running, and the other one was about the best track and field blogs around.

My access to my laptop was limited so 1.5 articles was still pretty good.

Week 2 Pre-Launch (February 15th)

I finished 1.5 more posts and realized that this whole thing was way more work than I expected it to be.

I was dreading the review posts as I actually enjoy writing about running, but I have never written a review post before.

I also only had a week until launch and I only had 3 articles done. Oups…

Week 3 Pre-Launch (February 22nd)

I posted 4 of my articles on Friday and 2 more on Saturday and Sunday for a total of 6. I started posting early in hopes of capturing a bit of the traffic spike that happens in March.

I also added a Privacy Policy Page, Terms of Service Page, connected the site to the Facebook page, and added it to Google Webmasters and Bing Webmasters tools.

I also copied all of my articles into a Word document so if Blogger bans my blog I would be able to easily recreate it in WordPress. (It’s still up after 4 months!)

One Week After Going Live (March 1st)Webmaster Tools Impressions And Clicks Amazon Affiliate 2015 Test

One week after going live, I have a total of 201 impressions and 23 clicks from Google search.

I received a total of 43 Amazon clicks, but still 0 sales, which isn’t that surprising considering
that most of my content is ranking on page 2 of Google or higher.

I was also searching for a rank tracker tool and I found an old one that worked, but it stopped working 2 days after I got it because of a Google Update so I started using Pro Rank Tracker. (You get unlimited urls with the free plan, but you can only have 50 keywords in total.)

My website was indexed for most keywords, and one page was even in the top 10!

I haven’t done any SEO up to this point except for posting about each post on my Facebook page, so the website ranked itself!

At this point I had no sales but I saw potential so I decided if I don’t get any sales I would hang it up and come back to it next January with the more aged domain and an already established Google position.

Two Weeks After Going Live (March 8th)

I was super busy so I didn’t write any articles.

However I got my first sale, so I was incredibly excited!

Week 2 Rankings Amazon Affiliate OnlineMoneyz Test

Rankings After 2 Weeks

3 Weeks After Going Live (March 15th)

The SERPs were slowly moving up, but not fast enough.

I was starting to look for an expired domain in a related niche to 301 redirect to my site for extra backlink juice.

1 Month After Going Live (March 22nd)

Another unproductive, depressing week.

No domains to 301, no sales, and the SERPs were stationary.


5 Weeks After Going Live (March 29th)Amazon Week 5 Sales

I got 3 more sales, but all I was able to do is write another general article to dilute the amount of affiliate links on my site.

My rankings jumped up this week for some crazy reason.

It could’ve been because Google indexed my one blog comment from a couple of weeks ago or I just got out of the sandbox, but either way I was happy.

I also noticed that 2 of my sales came from a mobile lead which is quite surprising as my site looks terrible on mobile. The content is good, so that might be why!

I was starting to think about Web 2.0s, but as you might have already figured out I didn’t do much in terms of that.

Website Rankings Week 5

SERPs after 5 weeks.

6 Weeks After Going Live (April 5th)

I looked over my blog and realized that my posts were too short and didn’t provide real value to the visitor so I went over all of my posts and added in some new content for each.

I also created a Web 2.0, but it’s not indexed 1 month after the creation even with hundreds of GSA links thrown at it.

The Web 2.0 has 5 high-quality posts, and it looks just like any regular small blog.

Week 6 Site Rankings

SERPs after 6 weeks.

3 Months After Going LiveAmazon Affiliate Earnings Month 3

The 2nd month brought in 0 sales, but halfway through month 3 I have already made $44 and sold 9 items from this site. (The other 2 are from another site).

I was incredibly surprised at the amount of sales from this site in May as high school track season is over, but maybe people are already buying up for next year or getting ready for summer.

My rankings are pretty solid and I have 9 keywords in the top 10, and 8 keywords in the top 20 with no link-building whatsoever. I’ll build some links to my site when I have time this summer and hopefully that will bump most of my keywords up into the top 3 slots.

I wrote one article this month, but the site seems to be doing quite well without any articles added to it. I’m getting to the point where adding new articles is a pain because I’m not sure how to categorize them and Blogger is a pain to use with bigger sites especially if you use a custom template.

Affiliate Site Rankings After 3 Months

SERPs after 3 months.


Here is a summary of the amount of work put into the website, the amount of money I’ve made, and my future plans for the site.

Monthly Earnings
Money Made05.73044.38

Overall I think I spent around 12-16 hours of work on the website.

  • 1-2 hours setting it up and making it look nice.
  • 10-12 hours writing the 14 posts that are on the website
  • 1-2 hours of miscellaneous work related to the site

I think the website has the potential to make $100+ for the months of March, April, and May of next year. (Conservative estimates considering that I made $45 in May with okay rankings)

Either way I’ve learned way a ton about Amazon Affiliate sites and this actually prompted me to create 2 more websites. I have an idea for another one, but that’s for this summer.

Originally my goal for this site was to learn as much as possible about affiliate site creation and to earn back the domain costs and I have more than done that.

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This summer I will keep posting quality content on my site and I will probably build a couple quality backlinks to it and see where that takes the rankings.

I’m sure there are some things I didn’t cover in this blog post, so if you have any questions please ask me in the comments below!