Amazon Journey From $50 To $600 Per Month In 6 Months

There will be 6 main posts in this journey. One for each of the 6 months.

Layout Of The Posts

Each post will start with a Before section showing the number of articles per site and the rankings of that site.

Then I’ll have an After section that shows the number of articles and the rankings of that site.

The next section will be a day-by-day section where I will write updates on what I worked on on that specific day.

And lastly I’ll have a TL;DR section at the very end that will summarize what I changed with my sites and what I learned about creating an Amazon Affiliate site during that month.

My Goal

I’ve been making around $50 per month from Amazon for 3 months, but I know that I can be earning more if I put my mind to it.

I currently have 6 sites that are up right now, and 2 sites that I will be working on during this project.

I know that November and December are very high earning months for most Amazon Affiliates so if I can get my sites to rank higher for more different keywords I should be able to reach my $600/month goal in December.

However the hard part will be keeping it at $600/month as January is one of the worst months for Amazon Affiliates.

Another problem is that I also need to focus on applying to different colleges, schoolwork, and cross country so it’ll be hard to find time to work on this which is why I’m making this project public.

It makes it easier for me to keep going as I know that other people will be reading it and learning from it.