The Art of Amazon Affiliate Keyword Research

Art-of-Amazon-Affiliate-Keyword-ResearchWould you like to know the secret to picking profitable Amazon Affiliate keywords?

So would I.

There is no secret.

Too many people get caught up in the “ultimate formula” that would allow them to create a profitable site.

I wish there was a perfect formula that allowed you to find a profitable niche every single time.

But there simply isn’t one.

In this post you will learn:

  • The difference between algorithmic and heuristic work
  • How that applies to Amazon Affiliate keyword research
  • And how you can improve your keyword research skills

Algorithmic vs Heuristic Work

There are two types of work.

There’s algorithmic work and heuristic work.

It’s important to understand the difference between the two as it can be the difference between having a profitable Amazon site, and making $0.

What is Algorithmic Work?

Algorithmic work is work that can be boiled down to a formula or a very specific set of instructions.

Google’s search uses an algorithm to sort the results in order of importance.

You could have a person sitting there sorting through all of the results based on the same rules, but a search engine can do it much faster.

Stapling a large number of things in a row, sealing envelopes, and launching your computer are all examples of algorithmic work.

All of them can be boiled down a very simple set of instructions, and if you wanted to you could build a robot to do it for you.

What is Heuristic Work?

Heuristic work is work that might still have some instructions and steps, but there is a multitude of ways to do it with all of the ways being “right.”

Is there a right way to paint a picture?

There are some guidelines depending on what you want to convey, but you can’t boil the whole process into a one-by-one set of instructions.

Great paintings come from practice and experimentation.

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