How To Promote Your Blog On Reddit For Free- My YouTube Blog Story

Quick Note

This is an old post published in 2015 that I transferred from SnooAds. I got rid of the site, and moved all the content here because I think you’ll find it useful!

When I first joined Reddit it was because I wanted to promote my YouTube blog and channel.

I joined the /r/letsplay Subreddit and I posted a link to my first good post on my blog.

That first Reddit post received around 48 upvotes and 91% of people liked it. (I say around 48 because Reddit fuzzes the number of upvotes/downvotes).

My First Successful Post

I got around 1000 visitors on that day which at that point seemed absolutely incredible as my blog got around 2 views per day at that time. (Yes, it was that bad.)

Inspired by my success I decided to create and “promote” a couple of other posts.

As you can probably guess, they were not accepted well by the community.

Third Failed Post On Reddit YouTube

Second failed post on Reddit YouTUbe

Fourth Failed Post On Reddit YouTube

I did get a couple hundred extra views from each post, but I was annoying the members of the Sub and I was actually spamming and breaking one of Reddit’s golden rules without even realizing it.

However, after a bit of tinkering and figuring out how Reddit works I was able to craft a post that not only got over 50 upvotes, but also got me Reddit gold.

Successful Reddit YouTube Post

The Golden Rules Of Self Promotion On Reddit

If you don’t follow the following rules you risk more than getting a low score on a post submission.

You risk getting shadowbanned which means that all of your future posts will be automatically marked as spam and no one will see them, plus people will remember you if they feel that you were spamming.

Here are the rules:

  • Make sure that whatever you’re submitting will either be interesting or valuable to the members of the Sub! This is probably the most important point. So often I see submissions that are nothing more than useless, regurgitated content or content that doesn’t fit the sub.
  • Only around 10 percent of all content that you submit should be your own. It’s in the rules. 
  • Only submit your best work. This makes sure that you don’t look like a spammer and people will be more interested in what you have to say. Posting every single blog post of yours might bring you some extra traffic but it’s the fastest way to get Shadowbanned or disliked by the community.
  • Make sure you’re actually interacting with the community outside of your promotional posts. Share your expertise or simply have fun. Either way you should be interacting with the other members of the Sub.
  • It’s easier to get a higher submission score with text posts vs link posts so think carefully about which one to choose. I will go over the benefits and negatives of each later on in this post.

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40 Facts About Reddit Every Advertiser Needs To Know

Quick Note

This is an old post published in 2015 that I transferred from SnooAds. I got rid of the site, and moved all the content here because I think you’ll find it useful!

If you’re planning to advertise on Reddit you can never have too much information at your disposal.

Some of it may seem useless at first, but as you create your ads and think about different campaigns you might realize that it’s actually the key piece of information you needed to make it successful.

Anyway, here are all of the facts that I was able to find that could help you out with promoting things on Reddit with a link to the original source next to the facts.

Taken from the “How is my ad performing question” on the SelfServe wiki.

/r/AskReddit stats

AskReddit Daily Traffic

/r/SysAdmin stats

Sysadmin Traffic Stats

Data from the “10 years of Reddit post.

Reddit Monthly Uniques

Image courtesy of Jishai at Dadaviz/CJMinard on Reddit.

Found on Reddit’s about page.

Found on Reddit’s about page.

Found on Reddit’s about page.

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Reddit Advertising

Advertising An Etsy Shop On Reddit- My First Attempt With Reddit Ads

Quick Note

This is an old post published in 2015 that I transferred from SnooAds. I got rid of the site, and moved all the content here because I think you’ll find it useful!

Even though I’m a fairly heavy user of Bing and Facebook ads I have never used Reddit ads, but a post by Glen at Viperchill really spoke to me and I decided to dive deep into what makes Reddit tick and how I can make my and your ads more successful.

For my first experiment I decided to promote a new Etsy shop of one of my customers. (I will spend $5 on the first ad, and later on tweak it as I want to find a combination that really works. I was fortunate enough to start my campaign before July 8th when the minimum was $5 per campaign. Starting on July 8th, 2015 the minimum budget per campaign is $20.)

The client’s goal is to get at least one sale so that’s what I will be working towards.

A Quick Explanation Of The Format

I’m a very analytical person so I decided to read as many blog posts about Reddit ads as I could find and I developed a step-by-step plan of attack for myself.

I wrote it out on here so you can use it, but since this is my first ad campaign I’m not sure how effective it will be.

I just went off from what I know about Reddit from using it for a year and from what I learned from other people’s blog posts.

As I create more and more ad campaigns, I will refine my “directions” to make it easier for others to follow and hopefully become successful.

Understanding The Audience

Before running any ad campaign it’s important to figure out who you’re targeting.

Would you run Facebook ads without knowing who you’re advertising to?

Probably not.

Understanding your audience on Reddit is even more important than Facebook because you cannot edit live Reddit ad campaigns so I spent quite a lot of time on this.

The Directions

  1. Go to Reddit and perform a couple of searches for what you’re selling making sure to note down which Subreddits the results come from. (Consider the relevancy of your product to the Subreddit.)
  2. Some of the Subreddits you visited might have a Related Subreddits section in the side bar on the right. Open some of them up and write them down in your document.
  3. Visit each Subreddit and write down how many subscribers it has and how many people are there right now. (This can be done in an excel document)
  4. You should also look at the ration between the number of people currently there and the total number of subs. We’ll dive into this deeper when doing more detailed traffic research, but for now just keep an eye out for this.
  5. Go through your list and in another column write down how relevant you think your product would be to the people in each Subreddit, and how closely you are targeting people who might actually buy your product. (As an example, if you’re advertising basketball gear, the /r/sports Sub might be relevant, but you will probably have a higher click-through rate in Subs like /r/Basketball or /r/BasketballTips.)
  6. While you’re going through the Subreddits you should also write down what sort of content is in the “Hot” section right now. Is it images, videos, links, or text?

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