Letter to Upwork Writer

A Letter To the Struggling Upwork Writer

Dear freelancer,

Why, oh why did you send me another copy-pasted proposal without reading what my job is about?

I don’t care that you’re a great ghostwriter and can write “my book” for me when my job asks for a simple 800 word blog post.

I don’t care that you have an MBA, PhD, or a Nobel prize if you can’t read my description and insert a simple two word phrase in your proposal. (Although if you did have a Nobel prize, I’m sure your attention to detail would be higher than that and you probably wouldn’t be writing articles on Upwork. 🙂 )

I don’t even care about the fact that your price is lower than all of the other bids. I’m willing to pay more than what I set my 1000 words rate at, but only if you actually provide value instead of making the same mistakes everyone else is.

Here’s what I care about.

I care about the fact that you read my description, figured out what I actually want, and included my two word phrase in your cover letter.

I care that you didn’t just copy paste a general “dear sir/maam” introduction and actually used my name.

I care that you provided examples of how your past work is relevant to the job I’m offering, and how you can help me reach my goals instead of repeating how good you are.

I’m selfish.

Once you start working for me I will feel guilty if I have to let you go, but if I don’t know you, I only care about the value you can bring me.

I can feel you shaking your head, but how are we different?

You care about the money I can offer and I care about the writing you can offer me.

What if we changed that?

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What Is My Ultimate Goal?

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about what my goals are.

Not just for my websites, but also for my life.

I was unable to figure out my ultimate goal for my life yet, but I think I still have some time to figure that out.

However while writing my latest email for my Monday’s Moneyz newsletter I realized something- I never set the right goal for my websites or online income.

What do I mean by that?

All of my goals have been purely money-oriented and they didn’t “pull” me. (More on this later)

I said “okay, I want to make this much money by this point,” but I never figured out why I wanted to make that amount.

I said “let’s create and publish this blog post. It’s bound to get more visitors, backlinks, and other great stuff to my site,” but I never thought about why I want more visitors.

Do you see my problem?

Quick note: I started out thinking that this would be a short post, but it ended up being nearly 2,000 words. If you want to read the quick summary quick on the TL;DR section on the right.

Setting the Goal

Yesterday I was watching a YouTube video and Tony Robbins said, “There’s two types of motivation. Push and pull. If you’re trying to push yourself… there’ll be days where you do it and days where you don’t. If it’s pull- there’s something out there you want so much- pull is a hundred times more powerful than push. Push wears out, pull does not.”

He also says that pull-motivation should be something that resonates with you on a spiritual, emotional, or other personal level.

One thing that I absolutely hate is debt.

This is why I’m setting a new goal for all of my online businesses.

My goal is to pay for all of my college expenses for the next 4 years using my online income.

This is a goal that will pull me both in the short and long-term and it’s a good way to “brand my blog.”

Instead of simply being that one teenager internet marketer, I can be the guy who’s trying to pay for college with online businesses.

Doesn’t that sound so much better? 😉

Breaking Down the Goal

Education in America is expensive.

It costs $27,000 per year to go to the college I’m going to, and it’s cheaper for me because I live in the same state as the college.

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