Ranking YouTube Videos With Outsourcing [Experiment]

I decided to try and rank a couple of YouTube videos by outsourcing some link-building and social signals on Source Market.

I have some money to do some testing with, and if this test ends up being successful then I can make bank with videos on YouTube!

First of all here are the videos I’ll be trying to rank:

Keyword: Content Samurai Review

Current Position: 16

Keyword: Polaroid Z2300

Current Position: 4

Keyword: Market Samurai Review

Current Position: 29

As you can see I have 3 fairly low-medium competition keywords with videos that are ranking fairly high already.

Why am I not testing this with videos that aren’t ranked at all, or with videos that are ranking in the 100, 200, and 300 for certain keywords?

If this doesn’t work for low-competition keywords like the ones above, there’s no point in wasting my money on higher-comp keywords.

However if my outsourcing strategy does work on the videos above, I’ll try it out with videos in higher competition niches to see what it takes to rank them.

The Plan

On day 1 I’m going to buy 3 sets of this YouTube Service.

1 for each video.

After the job is done (should take 1-4 days) I’m going to wait for 7 days and track the rankings of my videos daily to see where they’re at.

If my videos start moving I will wait until the rankings settle and see how much the $5 blast helped them.

However, if the rankings don’t change at all I’m going to do a quick “split test” of services.

  1. For the first video I’ll order 1,500 social signals.
  2. For the second one I’ll order a different YouTube embeds service.
  3. And for the 3rd one I’ll use the same service I used the first time.

Then I’ll wait another 7 days after the completion of each order and see if the rankings change at all.

This should give me an idea on which of the services are more effective and whether these services are effective at all for ranking YouTube videos!

Day 1

I ordered the first gig for each of my videos for a total cost of $15.

I’m using these $15 as “learning money” so if the campaign doesn’t work, well at least I learned something new!

Day 7

It’s been a week and my rankings haven’t changed much.

Polaroid Z2300- Dropped 1 spot from 4 to 5.

Market Samurai Review- Dropped 3 spots from 29 to 32. (Went up to 28 for a couple days though.)

Content Samurai Review- Went from spot 16 to spot 13, but it was staying around 17 for most of the week.

Since the first gig I ordered didn’t seem to work here’s what I’m going to do now:

  1. 1,500 social signals for the Polaroid video.
  2. This YouTube embeds service for the Content Samurai video.
  3. And this YouTube high-retention views service for Market Samurai. (I know that high watch time helps you rank so we’ll see how this goes)

I ordered all of the above services for a total price of $30.

I’m at $45 spent so far and if none of the gigs work then at least I’ll know that these strategies don’t work!

We’ll see what the rankings look like in a week or so.

Day 10

The video views service was done and my Market Samurai video jumped from #32 to #18 in less than a day!

I’m thinking that the number of views was too high though, so I want to see if I can order multiple videos under 1 gig in order to decrease the number of views per video.

I probably don’t need 5,000 extra views to rank higher.

Even 200 or 300 high-retention views might work depending on the competition.

The retention statistics aren’t available to me yet (YouTube is being slow with reports), but I’ll post them when I have them.

All in all I think I’m getting to closer to being able to rank videos in YouTube!

Day 13

Bought this YouTube package for the Content Samurai video.

It has less views (which is good) and more comments and likes which makes everything look more natural.

The Market Samurai video is still stuck in position 6 and I’m wondering if it’s because it didn’t get any likes or comments.

It doesn’t look very natural when a video gets 5,000 views with no likes or comments, but it did improve the ranking by over 26 spots so we’ll see if likes and comments help the other videos.

I think I’m getting closer to figuring out how to rank videos on YouTube!

Day 25

The rankings started dropping after a quick improvement, but my Content Samurai video that got the comments, likes, and views blast dropped down to a 100+ position.

I think it’s either because there was too much happening too fast, or the viewer retention was too low.

I’ll wait a couple days and then wrap this test up.

Day 29

I checked the audience retention for my Content Samurai video and I figured out why it’s rankings plummeted.

The audience retention for most of the views was at 100%.

This does not look natural at all and YouTube is smart enough to penalize my video when the audience retention is this fake.

My Market Samurai video is still in position 15 and isn’t showing any signs of dropping.

This means that I doubled my rankings for only $9!

Now I’m not sure if the other gigs I ordered to this video affected the rankings, but I’ll do more testing later on.

The Conclusion

Keyword: Content Samurai Review

Starting Position: 16

Ending Position: 100+

Best Position: 13

Keyword: Polaroid Z2300

Starting Position: 4

Ending Position: 4

Best Position: 3

Keyword: Market Samurai Review

Starting Position: 29

Ending Position: 15

Best Position: 6

I knew that watch-time was an important factor going into this experiment, but it looks like if your watch-time and audience retention is too high your video gets booted. (This is what happened to my Content Samurai video.)

Social signals helped the rankings a bit, but not much, and the biggest boost came from this views service.

It boosted my Market Samurai video from #30 to #6 for a few days and then it settled down in the #15 spot.

In a couple weeks I’m going to do some more testing, and I’m also going to experiment with other YouTube SEO ranking factors to see what’s still relevant.